Tech Tub2® Dual Duty Teaching Easel-holds 12 devices

(FTT201) $1,080.00 Currency

  • Dual Duty Teaching Easel-holds 12 devices
  • Dual Duty Teaching Easel-holds 12 devices
  • Dual Duty Teaching Easel-holds 12 devices
  • Tech Tub2® sliding out
  • Safety-Cap™  premium book ledge
  • Tiny Tubs
  • Open Tubs
  • Chart paper hooks
  • Cable management on back
  • 3" locking casters (recommended to be moved within a classroom only)
  • Tech Tub2®
  • Tech Tub2® product details
  • Tech Tub2® open
  • Tech Tub2® adjustable dividers
  • Tech Tub2® open with Chromebooks™
  • Side cable management
  • Power strip
  • Tech Tub2® door lock with 2 keys
  • Tech Tub2®-surface mount
  • Tech Tub2® cable management on back
  • Tech Tub2® top handle
  • Tech Tub2® side handles
  • Tech Tub2® side clips

Why We Designed This

The Dual Duty Teaching Easel was designed to make the most of every inch in the classroom by combining technology with a traditional teaching easel. Includes an oversized white board, measuring 41 3/4" (106 cm) H x 26 3/4" (68 cm)W with two Tech Tubs® that store and charge up to 12 devices all in one compact unit. 

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