Tech Tub2 Modular Cart for iPads with USB-C 20W Adapter (holds up to 36 devices)

(FTT736-699) $2,331.00 Currency

  • Tech Tub2 Modular Cart for iPads with USB-C 20W Adapter (holds up to 36 devices)
  • Tech Tub2 with 5 shelves (6 devices, 2 stacked)
  • Tech Tub2 with 6 shelves holding 6 devices
  • Tub-to-Tub locking
  • Tub-to-Tub locking pin closed
  • Sturdy cart with two handles for ease of mobility
  • Tubs connect and break apart using clips (eases deployment bottlenecks)
  • 3-point lock with 2 keys
  • 4" locking casters
  • Ergonomic handles on the door and back as well as a flip-up handle on the top

Why We Designed This

Tech Tub2 Modular Cart for iPads with USB-C 20W Adapter.

See how Tech Tub is helping districts with device deployment for remote learning.

Lightweight Modular Carts move effortlessly over thresholds making it easy to share sets of devices throughout a school. This Modular Cart can charge and store up to 36 iPads®  (depending on case size).   With a tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart. For use within a classroom or placed in a central location where individual tubs can be signed out. They are ideal for schools that share devices, or for 1:1 environments and they can be placed around the classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks.

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    • Sturdy cart with two handles for ease of mobility
    • Includes 6 Tech Tubs®  that store and charge 6 iPads each depending on size (6 x FTT7699)
    • Individual tubs can be locked together for added security
    • Tubs connect and break apart using clips (eases deployment bottlenecks)
    • 3-point door lock with 2 keys (for each tub)
    • Cable management on back
    • 4” locking casters
    • Power timer for charging (requires 1 outlet)
    • Internal 10 outlet power strip with surge protection (USB-C 20W Adapter) charges 6 devices (1 without a case) or 5 devices with cases. 10 outlet power strip is included to allow for enough space for the new, larger Apple Adapters. These Tech Tubs still hold a max 6 devices depending case size.
    • Measures: 50" (127 cm) H x 34" (88 cm) W x 19" (49 cm) D 
    • UPC: 664678002362
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • U.S. Design Patent D865691S
    • All electrical components are UL or ETL listed for use in Canada and the USA, documentation can be provided if necessary.
    • USB hub options – The charging cables that are provided with new iPads (USB-C to lightning connector) won't plug into our USB hubs.  However, if the standard cable is replaced with a USB-A to lighting cable (like the one supplied with older iPads) then the iPad will be able to both charge and sync through our USB hub. 

      Please note that the charging time will be significantly longer with our USB hub than it would be with the 20W adapter that is provided with iPads now--approximately 8-9 hours for a full charge, based on our internal testing. We have not tested other tablets that use USB-C charging, but we would expect a similar charge time for devices with the same power requirements.

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