Outdoor Mud Kitchen

(MK100) $861.00 Currency

  • Includes handy utensil hooks and a sink (Open Tub)
  • Mud Kitchen in outdoor classroom
  • Includes a Really Big Tub to hold toys and utensils when not in use
  • For security, a chain and padlock can be looped around the frame (chain and padlock not included)

Why We Designed This

Available in August.

Made with the equivalent of 7,893 plastic bags!

Outdoor play and exploration is becoming more common as schools increase use of outdoor spaces. Outdoor mud kitchens can help foster creativity, communication, imagination and collaboration, as well as motor skills.

This new children’s Outdoor Mud Kitchen is made with recycled plastic lumber that can withstand the elements and can be conveniently placed wherever children play. It requires no maintenance and is very durable with a long lifecycle because it does not rot or splinter (like some woods) or rust (like metal). The sink is made with our Large Open Tub and can be easily removed for cleaning or other play activities.

Why recycled plastic lumber?

Recycled plastic lumber is a sustainable product because it is made using materials that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. It is made of a combination of plastics such as bottle tops, bottles and plastic bags.

    • Sturdy frame made of recycled plastic lumber
    • 1 removable Large Open Tub as a play sink (holds up to 10 lbs!)
    • 5 hooks for hanging kitchen supplies and other outdoor toys
    • Side countertop attached (not collapsible, bolted on during assembly)

    ?Please note there due to the weight of the product, this is an LTL shipment.

    • Made with the equivalent of 7,893 plastic bags
    • Dimensions: 43” (109 cm) H x 45” (114 cm) W x 21” (53 cm) D
    • Counter height: 26” (66 cm)
    • Lifetime warranty
    • UPC: 664678002478
  • Brochure:

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