Mobile Tech Station Laptop Tray

(MTS-LP) $106.66 Currency

  • Laptop tray: Holds up to a 17” laptop, is height adjustable and attaches to either side of the frame
  • Laptop tray is an optional add-on and can be added to each side of the workstation (shown with all the other optional add-ons).

Why We Designed This

Our base model Mobile Tech Station is an affordable starting point with the basics needed for recording lessons or hybrid teaching with students in-class and learning remotely. With optional add-ons you can create a custom workstation suited to what you need for your grade level, subject and how you teach.

This optional laptop tray helps keep the desktop clear for demonstrations or when it’s being used as a desk. It holds up to 17" laptops, is height-adjustable and can be added to either side or two can be added to each side of the workstation.

See all the optional add-ons here.

    •  Holds up to a 17” laptop and is height adjustable
    •  Can be added to either side of the workstation or two can be attached to each side

    • Laptop tray measures 17”W (43 cm) x 13”D (33 cm)
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • UPC: 664678002232
  • Brochure:

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