Portable Sink Tank Kit with Dolly

(SNK300) $196.00 Currency

  • Portable Sink Tank Kit with Dolly
  • Portable Sink Tanks
  • Portable Sink Tanks pictured inside our Base Model Portable Sink
  • Tanks work with our portable sinks (Premium version pictured)

Why We Designed This

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Hand washing is the most effective way to kill germs. When running water isn’t available in the classroom (or anywhere in a school), our lightweight, portable sinks can be situated where needed. Our sinks include two jugs that provide 50-60 hand washes, but if a teacher anticipates the need for more washes, or a faucet for refilling isn’t close by, having these extra tanks on a dolly, ready to go, is convenient. 

This dolly option makes it easier to move filled tanks around a school and two of the casters lock, so it can be safely stationed next to the portable sink ready for use. 

According to the CDC and a study conducted by Rutgers University, water temperature (warm or cold) does not change the effectiveness of hand washing.

    • Easy to fill and drain jugs (provides 50-60 hand washes): one for clean water (5 gallons) and one for waste water (6 gallons)   
    • Dolly has durable 3” casters, two locking
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • UPC: 664678002072
    • TAA Compliant
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