Outdoor Portable Sink PreK-5 Counter Height 29”- Premium Model

(SNK500) $2,200.00 Currency

  • Counter height is 28" ideal for PreK-5 students
  • Place the sink by entrances for students to wash their hands before entering
  • Hinged hood makes refilling soap and paper towels easier (premium model)
  • Back panel hooks to the handle while refilling
  • Side window indicates water levels and how many washes you have left
  • Steel tab allows the sink to be secured (padlock and chain not included)

Why We Designed This

Made with the equivalent of 5,499 plastic bags!

Hand washing is the most effective way to kill germs, but having access to running water in entryways or in outdoor classrooms can be a challenge. This new sink is made with recycled plastic lumber that can withstand the elements and can be conveniently placed where students enter the school or moved to outdoor spaces.

The sink requires no maintenance and is very durable with a long lifecycle because it does not rot or splinter (like some woods) or rust (like metal). The easy to fill and drain jugs provide 50-60 hand washes. Unlike many other portable sinks, ours has a manual pump that does not need to be located near an electrical outlet.

This sink uses tap water to fill its tanks (sink does not include a water heater). According to the CDC and a study conducted by Rutgers University, water temperature (warm or cold) does not change the effectiveness of hand washing.

Why recycled plastic lumber?

Recycled plastic lumber is a sustainable product because it is made using materials that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. It is made of a combination of plastics such as bottle tops, bottles and plastic bags.

    • Sturdy frame made of recycled plastic lumber
    • Manual paper towel dispenser: accepts all standard single fold and roll towels up to a maximum 6" diameter and 10" wide
    • Counter height of 29"
    • Hands-free soap dispenser     
    • Powder coated steel hood to protect dispensers
    • Stainless steel sink and faucet 
    • Easy to fill and drain jugs (provides 50-60 hand washes): one for clean water (5 gallons) and one for waste water (6 gallons) 
    • Side window to view water levels in jugs 
    • Large 5” casters, two locking
    • Easy-to-use manual foot pump (requires no electricity)
    • The back can be locked (padlock not included)
    • A steel locking tab allows the sink to be secured to a fence etc. (lock and chain not included)      

    Please note there due to the weight of the product, this is an LTL shipment.

    • Made with the equivalent of 5,499 plastic bags
    • Dimensions: 47 1/4" (120 cm) H x 37 1/2" (95 cm) W x 20 1/2" (52 cm) D
    • Counter height: 29"
    • Lifetime warranty on frame etc.
    • 2 year warranty on plumbing components
    • UPC: 664678002584
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