Base Model STEM Maker Station

$744.13 USD
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Why We Designed This

Schools everywhere are putting more and more emphasis on learning through building and hands-on experiences. The STEM Maker Station provides loads of flexible storage options that allows the cart to carry everything from robotic parts to paints, tools and manipulatives. The sturdy frame and casters make it suitable to move around the classroom, library or entire school.

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  • Cardboard or material storage rack
  • Tape/ribbon/string dispenser rack
  • Coroplast overhead sign and display to personalize your station (letters not included)
  • Hooks for hanging accessories/tools
  • Large bottom shelf
  • 4 Small Open Tubs, 4 Large Open Tubs, 4 Tiny Tubs
  • 4” casters, 2 with brakes 


Tips for Eco-Friendly Use

The longer a product lasts, the less resources are needed to replace it. To make sure your dry erase board lasts as long as possible, make sure to use non-abrasive cleaners and erasers, do not use permanent markers (but check out our Tips to Remove Permanent Markers video, if you accidentally do!), and do not put tape on the board.

If your whiteboard does end up getting a little too worse for wear, we have a whiteboard replacement program! Rather than sending your entire station to the landfill, we will replace the whiteboard for a reduced price. This reduces the amount of waste created by a great deal.


We build our STEM Maker Stations to be durable and to have multiple uses! They not only has a lifetime warranty, meaning we expect them to last for many years to come, but this cart can also be used for many different activities. Buying one product with a long lifespan and many uses is more environmentally friendly than replacing a product frequently or having to purchase multiple products for different functions. This way materials will only need to be produced once, instead of multiple times, reducing our collective environmental impact.


Plastic packaging is a global environmental issue. That is why we are working on removing all plastic from our packaging. Check back in with us soon to see our removal journey unfold.

  • Frame measures: 65 3/4" (167cm) H x 51 1/2" (131cm) W x 26" (66cm) D
  • Bottom shelf measures: 39” (99cm) W x 14” (36cm) D with a 2 ½” (7cm) H edge 
  • Open Tubs Measure: 6" (15cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 15 3/4" (40cm) D
  • Small Tubs Measure: 6" (15cm) H x 6 1/2" (17cm) Wx 15 3/4" (40cm) D 
  • Tiny Tubs Measure: 4" (10cm) H x 3" (13cm) W x  3" (8cm) D
  • Coroplast sign measures: 39" (99 cm) L x 8 1/4" (21 cm) H
  • UPC: 664678000924