Original Tech Tub® Premium: Holds Up To 10 Tablets

$531.00 USD
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Why We Designed This

This Original Tech Tub® has the capability to charge and sync up to 10 iPads® and makes sharing small sets of devices easy within a classroom or throughout a school. Adjustable dividers can accommodate most cases and the side cable pocket helps keep cords neat, tidy and lined up with each device.

See how Tech Tub2 is helping districts with device deployment for remote learning.

Need help picking the right Tech Tub® solution? See our Technical Downloads and Resources below.

Please note: This model does not support 8th generation iPads. 


  • Stores and charges up to 10 iPads® 
  • Adjustable dividers to accommodate up to 10 iPads®  with cases
  • Cable management pocket to keep cables organized, out of sight, and in-line with each device
  • 10 outlet USB hub that can be mounted internally or externally to support up to 10 devices in one tub (depending on the size of your device and case)
  • Charge tablets via USB and sync Apple®  devices with Macbook™ using an Apple®  Configurator Software 
  • Cable management for power strip cord (on back)
  • 2 padlocks with the same keys
  • Locking block and pin to lock tub to counters and tables 

Please note: This model does not support 8th generation iPads. 

*Please note that when USB hub is mounted to the outside of the Original Tech Tub® , it will not fit in Original Tech Tub®  Trolleys*


  • Extremely tough with a lifetime warranty.


  • Shipped with zero plastic packaging material.
  • Original Tech Tub® Outside Measurements: 14" (36cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 16" (41cm) D
  • UPC: 664678001006
  • Power adapter is UL listed

  • Lifetime warranty

Educator's Reviews

I’ve used Tech Tubs from Copernicus for years to manage Kindles, Chromebooks and iPads. Whatever plan our district implements, we know that Tech Tubs will assist us in managing devices in a way that can accommodate a variety of scenarios because of how adaptable they are.

- Jessica Meacham, Elementary STEAM Teacher, Southern Door County School District, WI
Twitter: @jessicameacham

Tech Tubs have provided our district with an alternative to traditional laptop and tablet carts.  They provide store and charge options for our classrooms which use technology in innovative and engaging ways that extend beyond whole-class instruction, like the blended learning station-rotation model or other small-group integrated learning environments.

- Luke S. Bilger, Technology Program Specialist, School District of Philadelphia, Office of Educational Technology, Philadelphia, PA


The Tech Tubs have been a great, affordable solution that has enabled us to roll out our Chromebook initiatives.

- Larry DiPiano, Director of Technology, Eastern York School District, Wrightsville, PA


As a school principal, I deployed 1:1 devices at the secondary and elementary levels. Today, my school works in a mobile lab learning configuration. Copernicus has developed the most versatile solution for securing and charging mobile devices in the market. We can easily move the mobile devices to where our students and teachers need them to be.

- Susan Wells, EdTech Strategist, Founder TechTerra Education, Retired School-based Administrator, NC