• Educator Advisory Committee

Educator Advisory Committee

At Copernicus, it is our mission to better understand the needs of our educators right down to the littlest detail. Every year Copernicus has the pleasure of working with teachers from all across North America, within a wide range of specialties.

Educator Advisory Committee

Be a part of the team

We take our mission very seriously, and our teacher advisory team knows that all too well! But we can never have enough experts and advisors when we are dealing with the development of products that can make classroom life a little easier.

Be part of our testing and curriculum evaluation team or simply provide feedback from time to time. Simply tell us about yourself - what's your passion, where you are from, what are your specialties (i.e. K-12, Special Education, Science, Librarian, Multimedia Art, Daycare, Technology, Literacy, Math, Home Schooling, Phys Education, Private Schools or Medical Related Educators Autism), your interests and your challenges. 

Please complete the survey below and our Design Team will be in touch soon!

Educator IDEA LAB - Teacher Advisory Survey

Current Team

To our current team of educators we thank you for all of your input, ideas and feedback, we wouldn't be here without you; Carol Schenk, Beth Leibovitz, Jessica Meacham, Eva Pacitti, Manon Lavigne, Pamela Vigna, Tiffany M Stewart, Pauline Tetley, Deana Spencer, Stacy Cervone, Pina Hackman, Cheryl McCabe, Marilyn Acheson, Jim & Carol Pickup, Heidi Grainger, Patricia Richmond, Erin Isom, Freya Hunter, Laura Livingston, Michelle Hornett, Tanya Morton, Sue Hoffele, Suzanne Boyd, John McCabe, Michele Hausrath, Mylene Sylvestre, Mariane Sincennes, Brenda Shuman-Riley, Andrea Hendley, Janet McCoid, Dave Wood, Tracy Strohm, Brenda Goetz, Betty Mogenson, Karen Shantz, Pam Stone, Chris Wade, Amy Simons, Yvonne Shelburne, Megan Kunkel, Lynn Dallaire, Crystal R. Albo, Michael Mades, Mark Duke, Brad MacMaster, Robert Prater and Suzy Brooks.

Marilyn McCabe Acheson

Marilyn McCabe Acheson
Egremont Community School, Holstein ON.

Taught Grade 2 & 3.

Favorite Copernicus Product is the Tabletop Easel.

I enjoy teaching the students when they are captivated about what they are doing at school. I use hockey stories at various reading levels for my students who are keen about hockey. Their writing and math activites relate to hockey too: reading results on line about the Leafs wins and losses and creating graphs about it, reading the schedules, etc.


Cheryl McCabe

Cheryl McCabe
Arthur Public School, Arthur, Ontario

Teaches JK/SK.

Favorite Copernicus Product is the Classroom Cruiser.

For me, the joy in teaching is being able to share in the excitement of watching students develop the love of learning. Listening to them ask questions and watching them explore the environment around them is very gratifying. When they make connections and their faces beam well, that's priceless.


Jessica Meacham

Jessica Meacham
Southern Door Elementary, Northeast Wisconsin.

Teaches First Grade.

"We utilize our Expanded Royal Reading and Writing Center and our Leveled Reading Book Browsing Cart every day!"

Interacting with my students throughout the day is my favorite thing about teaching. I love listening to their stories and thoughts and seeing their reactions to what the day brings. I enjoy teaching them how to work together for the greater good of the whole and how to work as a team so we can accomplish our goals for the day.


Chris Wade

Chris Wade
Hillcrest Public School, Hespeler, Ontario.

Teaches grade 6

Favourite Copernicus Product: The deluxe book cart that houses part our new Junior Home Reading Program

I love being a part of the student's journey as they learn and grow throughout the year.


Megan A. Kunkel

Megan A. Kunkel
Anthon Elementary, Uvalde, TX.

Teaches 1st through 4th Grade Science Lab and Campus Technology Liaison.

Favorite Copernicus Product:Love the iRover and Pick-A-Pointer set

I love teaching because of the "lightbulb" moments, the second a child finally gets it is what teaching is all about. I also enjoy the challenge of learning how to be an innovative teacher in our ever changing and technology driven world.


Lynn Dallaire
Saint Lawrence Academy Senior School, Lasalle, Quebec

Elementary teacher
Grades 3 and 4

Favorite Copernicus Product: My favorite product is the Tabletop Easel. It's great  to use when I do guided reading. It's a great literacy tool!

"Teaching passionately for 25 years, I still enjoy the challenge and the diversity that I encounter every day. Children keep me young. I love coming to work!"


Crystal R. Albo
North Broadway Education Center, Leavenworth, Kansas.

Primary Reading Coach, specializes in helping teachers help kids who struggle with reading.

Favorite Copernicus Product:The LLI Organization System

I love watching kids grow socially, emotionally, and educationally!


Michael Mades
Sun Prairie Area School District, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

Supervisor of Technology.

Favorite Copernicus Product:The interakTABLE

What you love about teaching: The excitement that is created by students and teachers as they discover how they can learn using new technology in their classrooms.

Mark Duke
Newcastle Public School

H.B.A., B.Ed., O.C.T., Kindergarten teacher, Library Specialist, Technology Contact Teacher, Researcher and presenter of gross and fine motor touch technology.

New touch technology is finally at a developmentally appropriate level so that the 3 year olds in my class can interact with software and hardware completely independently!! I can't wait to get my hands on the next Copernicus product that miraculously integrates the latest tech to a 3 year olds environment. Not an easy task!!

Brad MacMaster
Newcastle Public School

H.B.A., B.Ed., O.C.T., Kindergarten teacher, Library Specialist, Researcher and presenter of gross and fine motor touch technology.

My kindergarten darlings and I LOVE my iRover that houses my SMARTBoard because even my smallest darlings can reach the top (both figuratively AND literally!). We have so much fun learning in our classroom, and getting the newest and greatest Copernicus products would further make my colleagues more jealous of their awesomeness!



Robert Prater
IT Director Florida State University Schools

Robert Prater is the IT Director for Florida State University K-12 Developmental Research School (FSUS). His career in K-12 technology spans more than 20 years, beginning in 1994 at a K-5 school. Since then, Robert has leveraged creative funding, a supportive PTO and local business partners to build technology-integrated, better classrooms. His implementation of classroom technology has changed the way students learn, increasing collaboration between teachers, students and parents. Under Robert’s leadership, the FSUS has become one of the state’s premier learning environments, with its practices gaining attention of schools worldwide whose educators visit to learn about Robert’s approach to the classroom. 

Melanie Thompson
Thorpe J. Gordon Elementary

Library Media Specialist

My favorite Copernicus product is the tabletop easel.  It is functional, flexible, and durable.  The product I can't wait to try is the Dewey Document Camera Stand.  I love the fact that it has a built in LED light.

Teaching is fun for me, even after 19 years.  I love how no two days are the same.  I love how I get to keep learning, because there is always more to learn.  


Suzy Brooks
Mullen-Hall School, Falmouth Public Schools

Third Grade Teacher

My uniqueness as a teacher lies in that which inspires me and engages my students: computers, connections, and community service. It has always been my belief that technology should be “invisible” in the classroom - as my focus is always on students and their learning.

My favorite Copernicus products are the tech easels - I love how they are purposefully designed and aren't just one more piece of furniture to fill up a classroom. Space is at a premium for many of us, and the tech carts help teachers and students organize valuable tools in a meaningful way.

Sandi Dennis
Westchester Elementary School, Dacatur, Georgia

Library Media and Instructional Technology Specialist

What is your favorite Copernicus product? Tech Tub Trolley!

What do you love about teaching? I love the things I learn from my students every day!