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AV products overview


2023 Tech AV Overview

Take a peek at our Tech-based solutions that move technology to wherever learning takes place.

Copernicus Easels and Storage Catalog


2023 Easels & Storage Catalog

Check out our selection of easels and storage solutions, including NEW bamboo options!


Stephanie Simpson


Streamlining Tech Setups 

Having everything in one place, ready to go, saves time, but mobility also is an important consideration for flexible learning spaces.

Vanessa Graber


2023 Traditional Products Overview

Browse through our diverse family
of traditional classroom furniture.


Stephanie Simpson


Tech Tub2 Brochure

The Tech Tub2 family is an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging, storing and locking up devices. 


Modified and remote learning


iRover2® Interactive Flat Panel Carts

The iRover2 family offers a range of durable carts to allow interactive flat panels to be situated anywhere learning takes place.


Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Catalog

Outdoor classrooms are becoming more common as schools increase the use of outdoor spaces. 

Stephanie Simpson


Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser Brochure

Do you have students in your class or at home that struggle to keep focused? Children with the wiggles need to move!

Stephanie Simpson


Repurposing your Classroom Equipment

Ideas on how to repurpose things you already have at your school.

Vanessa Graber


Sanitizer Product Catalog

We’ve designed a wide variety of products to help reduce the spread of germs and keep schools safe.


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Assembly Instructions

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Free Educator Resources

Check out our collection of articles, activities and lessons as you adjust to schools reopening, teaching remotely or home schooling your kids.


Real & Ready Blog: Stories from the Classroom

See what other educators are doing in their classrooms, get tips and links to helpful resources.

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