We've Got Your Back Warranty


NEW Lifetime Warranty coverage is included on almost everything we make!

As a manufacturing company, we appreciate you choosing Copernicus. It is important to us that you are happy with your purchase. If you have ANY problems or questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you!

Register your Product

Registering your warranty ensures we have all the information we need to make any future warranty claims quick and easy. Please complete the form within 10 business days from product assembly.

Register your product

By registering your product, you will be entered into a draw to win a Copernicus product. The draw is made in January of each year.

Make a Warranty Claim

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on almost everything we make.

Make a Warranty Claim

Replace your Whiteboard

Have a well-used whiteboard that needs replacing?

Replace your whiteboard

Our whiteboards carry a five-year warranty and a replacement parts program after the warranty period. 

Repair Parts Program

Need a replacement part? No problem. 

Repair Parts Program

Repairing is the best first step from an environmental impact standpoint. Parts on most of our products are usually free.

About our Warranty

We hope you never need to make a warranty claim, but if you do, we promise to explore every way possible to fix it quickly. It’s that simple.

There are exceptions to our Lifetime Warranty coverage. The whiteboards on our teaching easels (see our Whiteboard Replacement Parts Program below) and the electric lift on our iRover2® family of products both carry a five-year warranty. Dispensers, UV Tech Tub bulbs, and electrical components carry a one-year warranty. Portable sinks and clear panels carry a two-year warranty. Our product warranty is valid when used under the proper application in a classroom, daycare, or library.

A Note About Bamboo

Organic materials, including bamboo and wood, feature natural variations in color and grain pattern, and visual irregularities where growth nodes or knots exist. The particular color or pattern of any one part or product may vary from one item to another, and it may change slightly with age. These natural variations are considered normal and do not constitute a defect covered under warranty.