Other Premium Teaching Easels

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Double Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel

(BE1) $519.00 USD

This teaching tool was designed to be eco-friendly without compromising on quality or durability. The result is our premium quality Double Sided Bamboo Easel. Bamboo was chosen for its sustainability, being one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. 

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Primary Teaching Easel

Primary Teaching Easel

(PTE78) $378.00 USD

The Primary Teaching Easel is a valuable tool for early childhood and primary teachers to orchestrate and store lessons. With room for two little learners, multiple independent and group lessons are a breeze. This easel has an extra long front dry-erase board that measures 40” H x 28” W to accommodate little learners.

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Early Learning Station

(ELS1) $308.70 USD

The Early Learning Station is perfect for preschool to Grade 1 classes, with multiple activity based features.  With a short period of undivided attention from little listeners, this station provides teachers with quick set-up and the ability to change lessons when needed. 

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Expanded Storage Royal® Reading Writing Center

(XS005) $449.00 USD

Double the storage capacity of the 'Classic' Royal® Reading/Writing Center, but requires no additional floor space. Many unique features and a modern style helps to teach more effectively while engaging with students. This center is an essential teaching tool for all primary and junior classes.

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Teach 'n' Go Cart

(TAG) $559.00 USD

Now with a new lower price! Developed with busy teachers in mind – the Teach 'n’ Go Cart makes moving and sharing lessons from classrooms a breeze. This cart is ideal for K-8 teachers on the go.

With lots of storage and sturdy casters, this cart can also act as a mobile makerspace within a school. Find more mobile makerspace solutions here

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Deluxe Chart Stand- lowest position

Deluxe Chart Stand

(CS700) $273.00 USD

The Deluxe Chart Stand can hang both chart paper and pocket charts along with the ability to adjust the height. This double sided magnetic dry-erase stand is a valuable tool for group and independent activities. 

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Classroom Cruiser™

(CC2) $258.00 USD

The Classroom Cruiser™ is ideal for guided reading programs, and small group instruction on the floor or anywhere else in the classroom. The Cruiser™ is both mobile and compact allowing for classroom sharing, and lesson storage. 

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Tabletop Easel

(TTE100) $89.95 USD

The Tabletop Easel is the perfect companion for one-on-one instruction. The two magnetic dry erase boards and detachable pocket chart enhances language development and child creativity. Available in Blue and Earth tone colours. 

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