Real & Ready: Stories from the Classroom

Why Choose Bamboo?

At Copernicus, we are trying to make more conscious decisions as a company, and a big part of our environmental impact is our products. We use steel in the majority of our products because it is extremely durable, safe, and long lasting. All factors which are ideal in a classroom! In this post, we’ll explain why Copernicus is choosing to use bamboo in some of our products.

Bamboo easels and book carts for the classroom

Get rolling with an iRover2 Cart

Is your school purchasing flat panels? What school isn’t! Government funding programs have helped many schools get this useful and flexible technology into more classrooms, but did you know that many schools are considering a cart instead of a wall mount option?

Buying an air purifier for your school? Here’s what you need to know.

Is your school preparing its indoor air quality improvement plan? If you answered yes, then you probably have started looking at all the different air purifiers out there—and there are a lot! In this post, we’re going to cover off a few things to help you make an informed decision as you evaluate your options.

True HEPA Air Purifier in the classroom

Six Trends in Education Today

Report on trends in education: What we are seeing and how to navigate these trends with Copernicus. See our findings, product suggestions and online resources to help. 

Teacher virtual learning

Classroom Bikes Have Transformed Students

Elementary school principal, Bryan Cinti, shares his story of how the use of bikes transformed both the students and the classroom environment.

Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

How Early Adoption of Hybrid Learning Techniques Help During a Pandemic

The use of technology has become more important than ever to keep students safely engaged whether they are in the classroom or at home. Read on to learn more about how technology and early adoption of hybrid learning helped regions around the world to quickly adapt plus other free tech resources.

Copernicus Educational Products employees outdoor meeting

Outdoor Classrooms: In the forest and on the street

How often do you plan on taking your students outside this year? Wondering how other schools are handling their outdoor spaces? Read on for quick tips on how to use the outdoors to teach your students, set up your outdoor space and other free resources.

Children planting trees

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