Creating a STEM/STEAM Lab and Makerspace


STEM/STEAM Labs and Makerspaces are transformed with a little help from Copernicus

Developing a brand new space, retrofitting a library or creating a dedicated corner in a classroom for STEM/STEAM programs? Copernicus has many affordable, mobile solutions that support the typical zones required to make a useful, organized makerspace.

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Helpful layouts to plan your space

Four different layouts show you how our products fit into a dedicated STEM/STEAM Lab, an in-class makerspace nook and an area in a library. 

1. STEM/STEAM dedicated space

2. Corner of a library or media center

3. Grade K-3 Classroom

4. Grade 4+ Classroom

Check out these solutions that make it easy to move materials and technology anywhere the students need it, regardless of the size of space you have available.

Collaborative space for brainstorming

Nothing beats hashing out the details using a large whiteboard, and with extra storage for devices and materials, precious floor space is saved!

Premium Royal Inspiration Station STEM

Inspiration Station

Ideal for both independent and group activities and with a pull out whiteboard (enlarges the work area by 15”) there’s even more space to collaborate. For in-class use only. 

Premium Inspiration Station

Base Model Inspiration Station 

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Prototyping and Creating

STEM/STEAM activities often start with design thinking which helps identify a problem, then works to develop a solution. Prototyping is a critical step in bringing those ideas to life and can often include the use of a 3D Printer. This one is the star of the show when it’s wheeled out on parent-teacher night!

3D Printer Cart

This cart’s sturdy frame and casters protect your investment and make it easy to move while keeping everything you need close at hand.

Premium 3D Printer Cart

Base Model 3D Printer Cart

New! 3D Printer Cart Base Model with Tub Pack 1

New! 3D Printer Cart Base Model with Tub Pack 2

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Spaces for a media center and whole-class instruction

Shared makerspaces, such as a library, accommodate a range of grade levels. These STEM/STEAM products allow full classes or small groups to explore technology and mixed media activities.

Individual Tech Tubs®

Now with improved cable managment and easy-to-use pull out tray! Tech Tub2® store and charge iPads®, Chromebooks™ or a combination of both. Easily transportable; these tubs can go just about anywhere, even field trips. They are ideal for schools that share devices or for 1:1 environments and they can be placed around the classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks. 

Meet the Tech Tub2 Family

Tech Tub2 - holds 6 devices

Tech Tub2 - holds 10 devices

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iRover2® for Interactive Flat Panels

Perfect for moving around flexible learning spaces and the electric lift accommodates students of all ages and abilities.

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Dewey the Document Camera StandDewey the Document Camera Stand

Dewey’s sturdy frame sets up quickly, mounts to surfaces and the microscope engages students with an up-close experience for science activities. It can also be used for creating video with a green screen or stop motion animation. See how schools are using Dewey

New! Dewey Video/Podcasting and Doc Cam Stand

Dewey the Document Camera Stand with Microscope and Light

Dewey the Document Camera Stand

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Storage for materials or projects in progress

Tools, technology, plus, work in progress need somewhere to go at the end of the class. These flexible solutions keep things organized and the tubs can be removed to put where pods of students are working.

Tech Tub2® Modular Carts

These lightweight Modular Carts move effortlessly over thresholds making it easy to share sets of 24 or 32 devices throughout a school. With a new tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart. For use within a classroom or placed in a central location where individual tubs can be signed out.

Meet the Tech Tub2 Family

Tech Tub2 Modular Cart - holds 24 devices

Tech Tub2 Modular Cart - holds 32 devices

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Tech Tub Base Model

The Original Tech Tub® Base Model is a compact solution designed to secure various mobile devices, tools and materials simply by adding your own padlock. Made from highly durable, heat resistant ABS plastic and vented to ensure airflow, Tech Tubs® are secure, mobile and lightweight. Use your Original Tech Tub® Base Model for securely storing makerspace materials such robots, littleBits™ and tools.

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Book Browser Cart STEM Storage Book Browser Carts

These carts are the ideal height for students and teachers to easily access materials. Tubs include the perfect spot for a label (labels not included) and can be used to color code Lego® and other maker and STEM materials. This cart can hold up to 90lbs and is built of tough stuff! For in-class use only.

Cart with 9 Large Open Tubs

Cart with 18 Small Open Tubs

Clear STEM Storage Cart with 3 Large Divided Tubs and 6 Large Open Tubs

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Library on Wheels hold STEM/STEAM materials STEM Storage Carts

This sturdy cart is designed to provide plenty of storage with 23 tubs for maker materials, robotics and manipulatives. The different colored tubs aid color coding and all the tubs can be removed from the cart. The removable, dry erase board is perfect for collaboration and sketching out ideas. The frame is designed with strong 1” tubing and includes large 5” casters that move easily over almost any surface and stand up to the rigors of being maneuvered throughout a school. This cart can hold up to 90lbs! Great for makerspace storage!

STEM Storage Cart

Cart with 9 Large Open Tubs

Cart with 18 Small Open Tubs

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Tips for building successful STEM/STEAM Labs and Makerspaces


Choose a system that can be moved within the classroom for different activities or throughout a school and then returned to a storage area at the end of the day.


Request feedback from other teachers on what kind of construction tools and materials will be needed before making your purchase.


Rally parents and teachers alike to pull together materials they may have lying around the house just waiting for a project.

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