Introducing Tech Tub2®



Introducing Tech Tub2®    I    Tech Tub2® in action 

Tech Tub2® now provides a complete device charging, storing and sanitizing solution! Starting at $364.00 USD

Developed with input from members of our Idea Lab educator advisory team, the Tech Tub2® family of products offer an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging, storing and locking up devices used in PreK-8 classrooms.


Tech Tub is a compact, easy-to-use in-class charging station


It's inevitable, devices will return from home uncharged at some point and classrooms without a charging solution will have bottlenecks at the power outlets. Tech Tub is an in-class charging station that helps take away the worry of missing a lesson due to an uncharged battery.


Learn more about the Tech Tub Advantage:

Supports small class sizes and small groups ✓

Reduces deployment bottlenecks and encourages physical distancing ✓

Future-proofs for remote learning deployments ✓

See how Tech Tub's flexibility helped districts deploy devices for remote learning. 

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Tech Tubs® offer a direct alternative to high cost, heavy, oversized tech storage and charging carts. Tubs are
sold individually, allowing schools to “grow their technology” at a pace that supports their device budgets.


Tech Tubs® can store, charge and sync Apple® devices, most 11” Chromebooks™ and other tablets with or without cases and can be placed around a classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks and accommodate physical distancing.


Tech Tubs® can be purchased individually and carried throughout a school or incorporated into Trolleys, and Modular Cart configurations.

Check out these NEW affordable and flexible Tech Tub bundles for 1:1 or device sharing models!


See how we've improved the Tech Tub2

We've improved the cable management to make both the initial setup and the continued management of devices and cables much easier. See all of the Tech Tub2's teacher-driven features here

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See what educators think of Tech Tub2

Read up on testimonials from teachers and district level staff.


Are you talking about design thinking at your school?

Click here for a quick run-through the design, tooling, production and delivery of the Tech Tub2. Includes a bonus lesson plan as well!


Curious how durable the Tech Tub2 is? Click here.

Learn more about individual Tubs

Tech Tubs® store, charge and lock up iPads®, Chromebooks or a combination of both. They are ideal for schools that share devices or for 1:1 environments and they can be placed around the classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks. Check out these NEW affordable and flexible Tech Tub bundles for 1:1 or device sharing models!

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Learn more about the new UV Tech Tub

Designed with safety, sanitization effectiveness and ease of use as top priorities. The UV Tech Tub® is here to help with the necessary sanitizing of devices required to keep classrooms as germfree as possible. In one minute, the UV Tech Tub sanitizes bacteria and viruses commonly found in schools.

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Tech Tub2Downloadable Student Name Templates

Use these name templates to make it easy to assign devices to individual students to reduce sharing.

Student name labels for Tech Tubs - 6 Device Tub
Student name labels for Tech Tubs - 10 Device Tub


Learn more about Trolleys

Trolleys are designed for devices on the move! They store, charge and lock up small sets of six to ten iPads®, 11” Chromebooks and other tablets around a school. The adjustable handle and built-in casters ensure that students from grade three and up can take part in managing their devices. Check out these NEW affordable and flexible Tech Tub bundles for 1:1 or device sharing models!

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Learn more about Carts

Lightweight Modular Carts move effortlessly over thresholds making it easy to share sets of devices throughout a school. With a tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart. For use within a classroom or placed in a central location where individual tubs can be signed out. See how these carts are a flexible solution for 1:1 environments.

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Introducing Tech Tub2®    I    Tech Tub2® in action