Giving Back - The Environment

Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)

The Nature Conservancy does amazing work for the planet. They have conserved 2.8 million acres of Canadian land. Unlike many charities, 80% of the funds they raise go directly towards their conservation work. Since 2009, we have been partnering with the NCC because we believe society must preserve its natural heritage for future generations.. Find out more about NCC.

Jane Goodall - Roots and Shoots

Our monthly support of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots program contributes to teaching young people how to become agents of community change through experiential learning and providing programming to schools. Learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute here.  

Trees for Schools

We have supplied schools in Southwestern Ontario with over 151,000 free trees and 5,000 wildflower seed packs since 2009. Find out more about our Trees for Schools program.

Outdoor Education

Anyone with school-aged children knows teachers often spend their own money to enrich the experiences of their students. We aim to get more kids outside exploring the natural world and alleviate some of financial burden by funding the Copernicus Outdoor Education Fund through MyClassNeeds. Since 2014 we have we have supported many interesting projects. To date, 2,826 students have benefited. Find out more about My Class Needs.

Newly Designated Nature Preserve

You may be wondering what it means to be designated as a nature preserve. Simply put, we have worked with the Niagara Biosphere Conservancy to legally protect the 90 acres surrounding Copernicus from future development. The land is currently home to threatened species such as the Bobolink songbird and the Monarch Butterfly. They can rest assured knowing their habitat will be protected regardless of who owns the property in the future.

Land Preservation and Reforestation

To date, we have donated 400 acres of wilderness land containing provincially significant wetlands to the Muskoka Conservancy which protects and preserves land for future generations. Copernicus-owned land now totals 250 acres which has been reforested with 60,000 trees as part of the naturalization process.

Solar Panels

Depending on the time of year, air quality in China can be very poor. Since we manufacture some of our products in China, we feel it is our obligation to include China in our environmental commitments. This year we funded the installation of a 30 KW solar panel system for our primary supplier's manufacturing facility. This system now generates the majority of their electricity which helps to reduce their dependency on burning coal for power. Solar panels also provide approximately 20% of the electricity at our head office in Arthur, Ontario.

Safe Drinking Water

Every year we aim to support three elementary schools in remote areas of China. This year, in addition to fire extinguishers and other key necessities, we installed an on-site water purification system at each school. Students no longer have to carry water from home on their long walks to and from school

Landfill Waste Diversion

We divert 75% of our waste from landfill through recycling and composting. Reducing and diverting waste remains an important focus in our day-to-day operations. Our goal is to continue to reduce and watch this percentage rise.

More sustainable packaging and printed materials

This past year, we began printing our collaterals, including our catalogs and brochures, using 100% recycled paper and a waterless printing method. The printing process typically uses a lot of water so choosing to partner with a company capable of printing without water helps conserve one of our most precious natural resources.


The decline in our bee population is well publicized. What isn't generally known is the important role bees play in the balance of our ecosystem. No bees = a vast drop in available crops. We are trying to do our bit on Copernicus property by establishing and managing our own bee hives. Just about every employee gets involved!