Trees for Schools


Thank you for your interest in our Trees for Schools program. Registration is now closed. Please follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram for updates and more information about our program.

Looking for seedings for Earth Day 2020? Take a look at the seed zone map below to see if your school is located within our designated areas.  Our program will reopen for registration during Fall 2019


Since 2009, we have donated over 188,200 seedlings and 8,000 wildflower packets to Ontario elementary students as a celebration of Earth Day.

This year we donated 18,671 seedlings and 1,500 wildflower packs to schools in Ontario - from Arthur to NapaneeIn addition to our school seedling donations, we teamed up with Trees for Guelph - a wonderful charity that has a seasoned tree planter on their team! Every student in their program is taught how to properly plant their trees in a public space, so that their seedlings have the best chance of survival. This method allows us all to watch as their trees grow healthy and strong!

A Day in the life of a Seedling

Check out this fun video showing how seedlings are prepared for schools and why they are important - from a grade 1 point of view.

Some Interesting facts

These three articles shine a light on the importance of giving children access to green spaces:

Why kids need to spend time in nature

Benefits of connecting children to nature

Childhood Development and Access to Nature


Seed Zone Map
seed zones


Visit our seedling FAQ page for planting instructions and more!
Check out the pictures below from previous years.