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How do I clean my bamboo product?

When needed, wipe down with mild soapy water. A mild disinfectant can be used. A mild bleach water solution (1:50) can also be used. Wipe the cleaning solution off after application. Recommended cleaning frequency is once monthly, and at minimum, once per school year.

DO NOT leave standing water or cleaning solutions on the bamboo surface.

DO NOT use harsh chemicals to clean surfaces.

What can I use to clean and sanitize my product?

We recommend using a clean cloth with a disinfectant for non-porous surfaces and wipe the product down. Alternatively, a clean, dampened cloth with hot soapy water works too. Use a clean cloth for drying. Please avoid any electrical components. Spot test with cleaner in a small spot prior to using.

I have (or someone else) has ruined the surface of my Copernicus whiteboard…what should I do?

Don't panic, there could still be hope! Visit our Whiteboard Tips and Tricks page. If you have any further difficulty, please contact our Customer Solutions Ninjas as soon as possible.

Is one True HEPA Air Purifier unit enough in my classroom?

Contact our Customer Solutions Ninjas to help you determine the right amount of units for your space. You should aim to have the highest ACH (air changes per hour) as possible. 

Does our air purifier draw a lot of electricity?

No. Our unit draws 65W. Depending on local electricity rates, it could cost an additional $1-2 on your monthly bill. 

What is the lifetime of the filters?

1600 hours. Assuming it is used for 180 school days and it is run for the school day only versus 24 hours a day, the filters would last about 1 year. 

Where should the air purifier be placed?

Our unit pulls air in from two sides, so if you’re placing it in a corner or against a wall, leave 20” of space around each side. 

How do I dispose of my air filter/change my air filter?

We suggest wearing a mask and gloves while handling the filters. When possible, change filters outdoors and wrap in a plastic bag.

Can I vacuum the filters?

Vacuuming the filters can potentially damage them and reduce efficacy, however, you can and should vacuum the filter covers if they become covered in dust.

How to care for your 3D printer filament when it’s not in use.

Humidity can affect 3D printer filament. The majority of filament materials attract water molecules in the air and absorb it, some more than others. If enough moisture is absorbed into the filament, it could affect how well your 3D prints turn out. It can even lead to a failed print. In order to reduce the absorption of water by your filament, it is recommended that you store filament in a sealed container. Common DIY solutions include re-sealable bags and the inclusion of Silica gel to absorb any moisture within the bag or container.

How do I set up my device cables in my Tech Tub2®?

Watch the Premium Tech Tub2® -holds 6 devices (FTT600) Cabling set-up video.

Watch the Premium Tech Tub2® -holds 10 devices (FTT1000) Cabling set-up video.

Watch the Tech Tub2® Modular Cart (FTT624, FTT632) Cabling set-up video. 

Watch the Tech Tub2® Premium Cart (FTT432) Cabling set-up video.

Watch the Dual Duty Teaching Easel (FTT200, FTT201, FTT202) Cabling set-up video.


How do I set up my device cables in the cable pocket of my Original Tech Tub™?

Watch this video for details on cabling the Tech Tub™ Premium: Holds 6 Tablets (TEC600)

Watch this video for details on cabling the Tech Tub™ Premium: Holds 6 Chromebooks™ (TEC600C)

Watch this video for details on cabling the Tech Tub™ Premium: Holds 10 Tablets (TEC1000)

I need help synchronizing my devices...what can I do?

How to synchronize your devices

Questions about your Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser (bike)?

Please see our complete Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser FAQ document. 

Can I purchase directly from Copernicus Educational Products Inc.?

With the exception of a few items, our products are exclusively available through our dealer network. For more information about what is available online, please contact us or visit our Where to Buy page to locate a dealer near you. 

I have purchased a product from Copernicus, what is your return policy?

No problem! Please contact our Customer Solutions Ninjas to start your return.

I am calling from a school and I have received my order, but where is my invoice?

Please contact the dealer from which the item was purchased.

What should I do if I receive damaged merchandise?

Please save all packaging and cartons if your shipment has been damaged. If you have a Copernicus Educational Products ‘packing slip’, please contact us for further instructions as soon as possible. Phone our Customer Solutions Ninjas at (800) 267-8494 or e-mail info@copernicused.com. If your packing slip is from a dealer, please contact them for further instructions.

Can I order additional accessories or tubs for my Copernicus educational product?

All of our accessories are available for purchase through a dealer. If the dealer you use does not carry the item you are looking for, please contact our Customer Solutions Ninjas to connect you with a dealer that does.

I am calling from a school and I am missing boxes from my shipment…what should I do?

Please contact the dealer from which the item was purchased. However, should you encounter any problems, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help you.

The whiteboard surface on my Copernicus Educational Product is not erasing properly... what should I do?

Please check our Whiteboard Tips and Tricks page for suggestions. If you have any further difficulty, please contact our Customer Solutions Ninjas.

I have seen one of your educational products in another classroom (or school) and I want to purchase one, but I am not exactly sure what the item is. Can you help me?

The best way for us to identify what product you saw is to snap a picture of it and send it to one of our Customer Solutions Ninjas.

How do I become a dealer of your products?

Please contact the Sales department.