Repairing Products

Take Back

Take Back
We take back your Copernicus product and dispose of it for you.  



Can someone else use this, or could a shop or STEM class use some parts?



Contact us to see what can be recycled and check your local guidelines!



Need a replacement part? No problem. We’ve got your back! Our Lifetime Warranty coverage is included on almost everything, and parts are usually free!


Why is repair the best first step from an environmental impact standpoint?
Many product parts are made of complex combinations of materials that cannot be separated for recycling. They typically end up in a landfill where they could be there for generations, depending on what they are made from. Fixing something allows for more years of use instead of disposing of it.


We offer a 5-year warranty on our whiteboards; after that, you can purchase them at a heavily reduced cost.

Casters are easy and quick to replace. But, before you get in touch, look at all the casters on your product to ensure they’re in working order.


Other parts and doohickeys
Don’t see your part or don’t know what it’s called? Don’t worry; we have many different components available. Just circle the gadget in your picture, and we will see what you mean!

How to order your replacement parts
1. Take a picture of your Copernicus product. 2. Email it to our Customer Service Ninjas at: They will take a look and recommend the right part(s). 3. Replacement parts will be sent to you (shipping included). Repairs are easy to do with basic tools.