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We're a Certified B Corporation™

We wanted to become a B Corp because we truly believe that businesses have a responsibility to do more good in the world. We knew that the B Corp assessment would give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we could formally achieve a recognized level of social and environmental responsibility. We also hoped it would encourage other businesses to do the same. On this page, the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) we will discuss is Decent Work, and Economic Growth and how this is connected to being a Certified B Corporation™.
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Our Vision: Redefine what a successful business is: Do work that matters. Be directed and shaped through a social and environmental conscience.

Our Journey to B Corp


In 2009, we decided to actively pursue social and environmental goals as a company. Progress did not come overnight; through years of building on that momentum, we challenged ourselves to see how we stacked up to the globally recognized standards of the B Corp assessment. Our initial assessment score indicated that there was more work to do in order to receive certification - in other words, we did not get a passing score on the first try!


In 2017, we hired a Social and Environmental Responsibility Coordinator, who collaborated with each department within our company in order to gain insight into what areas could be improved. New policies, procedures, and initiatives were formalized as a result. With significant dedication and engaged teamwork, this multi-pronged approach resulted in our company being certified as a B Corp in 2018! Our first score was 80.5, just squeaking by the required score of 80.


In 2021, we were up for recertification. This time around, we received a score of 82.5. We’re far from satisfied - we’ve already set goals for ourselves to increase this score once again on our next recertification in 2024. The assessment is being redesigned and will likely be more difficult, but we’re up for the challenge! 


We hope to continue to strike a balance between profitability and the well-being of our employees, environment, community, customers, and partners.


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