People and Planet


As a manufacturer, we’re aware of our overall impact on the world. That’s why we’ve set aggressive goals to balance what is best for our people and planet.   

Check out our 2023 Impact Report

Learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals




We also contribute to a variety of programs to support our local community, like the Arthur Food Bank.



Clean Energy

Our main sourcing partner in China is run on 100% solar power. In Canada, our facility runs on approximately 10% solar-powered electricity. By 2030, we plan to update the heat source in our Canadian facility from propane to a non-greenhouse gas-producing source.


15% of our product line is made from bamboo. Read more about the benefits of bamboo. We use recycled content in our tubs when available, and offer a 100% post-industrial recycled tub.



Currently, we are at 99% of our goal of having zero plastic packaging. We have a handful of products that are still undergoing rigorous shipping tests.  


Printed Materials

Since 2019, we’ve printed catalogs and brochures on 100% recycled paper. We use a waterless printing method to help conserve water, a valuable natural resource.

Land Conservancy

To date, we’ve protected 1430 acres of forests, wetlands, and meadows through land donations, conservation easements and our own stewardship.

Trees for Schools

Since 2009, we’ve donated over 203,740 seedlings and 13,477 wildflower packets to Ontario elementary students as a celebration of Earth Day. Learn more about our Trees for Schools program.


We also contribute to a variety of programs to protect nature through the
Nature Conservancy of Canada and Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program.