Our Team

Through a shared focus, our people make great things happen. We have a passion to develop, manufacture and deliver solutions to help teachers and students. There is also a love of nature and simply having fun that resonates throughout the company.
Let’s face it, people rarely succeed if they are not having some fun.

So, here are some of us in all our glory!

Looking to join our team? Open positions at Copernicus.


Stephanie Simpson


Admin Team Supervisor

I was once a 3 time MVP fastball pitcher, I once served coffee to Wayne Gretzky and I’m a fan of the Beatles.

Vanessa Graber


Customer Solutions Ninja/Inside Sales

I am a Certified Buti® Yoga instructor who dances to the beat of my own drum. I'm also a wife, mother and grandma who is full of positive energy!

Frederic Franco


Customer Solutions Ninja/Inside Sales

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Smile more!

Angela ODonnell


Office Administrator

Animal Lover, unbeatable at yard games…love being outside and camping!

Shelley Cameron


National Sales Manager

A grass roots type of girl.  As a mother of twin boys, I live by the words,“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

Chase Stone


National Sales Manager

Dad to four beautiful daughters and one extra furry son.

Kaylyn Belcourt-McCabe



Rainbow Brite wanabee – who wouldn’t want their super power to be making the world a more colourful place?

Laura Gallant


National Sales Manager

Official caricature and mural artist for Copernicus!

Josh Wood


Industrial Designer

I tried to eat pizza for every meal for a month. I made it four days.

Lorna Checkley


Accounts Receivable

Don't let the seriousness fool you, I'm still a big kid at heart! And I really like ketchup.

Mae Griffiths


Administrative Clerk

Enjoys teaching art classes to children and snuggling her pups Finn and Emma.

Robert Held


Fabrication Lead Hand/Prototyping

The first day of kindergarten for me was also my 5th birthday.


Marketing Manager

Firm believer that butter, bacon and Brubeck are some of the key ingredients to a happy life.

Rick Dingman



I was in a biker gang, but I'm just too cool.

Sofika Shiell


Industrial Designer

Can frequently be found laughing at my own jokes... HA!

Brandon Smith


New Product Development Manager

A man of few words...

Mariusz Cender


Industrial Designer

You already know too much.

Jim Phillips


Bottle Washer

Bottle Washer at Copernicus and my off the grid cabin. Not much of a Bottle Washer at home.


Minister of New Wave, AKA Brand Marketing

A self described fan of all things 1980s. In fact, I haven't really left the 80's. (Hair photoshopped)

Lyndsey Ehgoetz


Marketing Coordinator

Car singing sensation. Grammy worthy. Proud mama of 2 awesome kids.

John Cowle


Industrial Designer

A father of three. Drop the bass!

Linda Dally


Packaging Supervisor

Proud Nana of two red-headed cuties!

Linda Dally


Plant Associate - Packaging

Animal lover and owner of three beautiful dogs.

Laura Burns


Product Specialist

Master juggler. Work, family, life…. loving the chaos.

Heinz Mell


Information Technology Analyst

Heinz preserves, tweaks, and boosts the technology infrastructure to enhance the data intelligence.

Debbie Farrelly


Human Resources

The name Debbie means “bee” – quite suiting as I enjoy being kept busy and involved in a variety of activities.

Julie Kiers


Inventory Clerk

It's always playtime when you're a mom of two busy boys!

Doreen Smith


Shipping Supervisor

The Smith family is out to prove that women can rule the world and they are off to a good start with 5 granddaughters!

Louanna Nauss


QA Supervisor

I love to be outdoors. I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting and all around enjoying nature!

Adrian Lavoie


Lead Hand - Packaging

Animals rule my life – both the people ones and the furry ones!

Tim Lawrence


Fabrication Supervisor

Working my magic with metal and mechanisms for our Product Development Team daily.