Other Premium Teaching Easels

Pricing in USD
Outdoor/Indoor Learning Center

Outdoor/Indoor Learning Center

$639.00 USD

Load it up and it’s ready to go on an outdoor adventure! Designed to be rugged and flexible to support a variety of outdoor or indoor activities (store inside). The whiteboard is ideal for teaching lessons outside and the large wheels and handles (similar to a wheelbarrow) make it easy to push over all sorts of terrain. The cart quietly glides around the school when it’s the end of the lesson. Storage tubs and large rack hold up to 110 lbs!

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Deluxe Chart Stand- lowest position

Deluxe Chart Stand

$355.08 USD

The Deluxe Chart Stand can hang both chart paper and pocket charts along with the ability to adjust the height. This double sided magnetic dry-erase easel is a valuable tool for group and independent activities. 

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