iRover2 for Interactive Flat Panels

Flexible, affordable, and ready for modified layouts —
meet the iRover2 family for flat panels!

Many schools are using flexible classroom setups by rearranging furniture based on the activity and as schools reopen, educators will need flexibility as new routines take shape. Classroom grade levels can change and common areas are used by many grades which means different-sized students will be using the same rooms. The iRover2® family offers a range of durable carts and wall mounts to allow interactive flat panels to be situated anywhere learning takes place.

A flat panel purchase is a big investment. Be sure to protect it with a cart that provides flexibility and durability – not all flat panel carts are created equal! 


The iRover2® family of products provides schools with many options for their flat panels. The carts and easel provide mobility for flexible learning spaces and the wall mounts can be installed on a variety of wall surfaces. 


With several price points, the iRover2® family of interactive flat panel carts and height-adjustable wall mounts provide options for any budget. 


The iRover2® family has been designed to ensure that your flat panel investment is securely protected. All carts are built with durable casters so the iRover2® can be moved wherever needed.

Meet the iRover2® Family for Interactive Flat Panels! 

iRover2® Premium Model
Height adjustable with electric lift

iRover2® Base Model
Fixed height - 6 settings upon assembly


iRover2® Height-adjustable Wall Mounts
Height adjustable with electric lift

iRover2® Height-adjustable Wall Mounts
Height adjustable with electric lift

What educators are saying about iRover2

We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the iRover2 and the amazing support we have received from Copernicus. The assembly and setup of the carts are very easy. The reaction from teachers has been very positive, they love the motorized lift and the small size of the unit. iRover2s are in use in our classrooms on a daily basis and have withstood the rigors of student use. After evaluating a number of different carts, we decided to stay with Copernicus. It has become the only cart schools are allowed to purchase for their SMART Boards."

-Brian Wiegand, Technology Support Supervisor, Milwaukee Public Schools, WI

Our favorite part is that we can easily adjust the height of the board...we can lower it for students to display work or we can raise it high so that it can be seen from anywhere in the classroom! It’s on wheels (that lock) with safety bumpers so it can be moved around the room if needed. We can’t wait to continue exploring all of the possibilities to enhance our learning environment!"

-Katelyn Dawes, 2nd-grade teacher, Columbus, OH @sharingsmilesinsecond

I have had the pleasure of using the Copernicus flat panel cart in my classroom this year.  The cart is easily portable between my class and other rooms.  The ease of adjusting the height of the display device is great. You can tell from the quality of construction that these carts are built to be highly functional and durable."

-Simon Wells, Teacher, Boyne Public School, Milton, ON

What else makes iRover2 Flat Panel Carts different?


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Durability Testing
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