NEW The iRover2 Family

Meet the newest members of the iRover2® family!

As education continues to focus on flexible learning spaces, classrooms and libraries are regularly rearranged to accommodate full class instruction and small work groups. The iRover2® family offers a range of durable carts and NEW wall mounts to allow interactive flat panels to be situated anywhere learning takes place.

Flexible, affordable and ready for adventure!


The iRover2® family of products provides schools with many options for their flat panels. The carts and easel provide mobility for flexible learning spaces and the wall mounts can be installed on a variety of wall surfaces. 


With several price points, the iRover2® family of interactive flat panel carts and height-adjustable wall mounts provide options for any budget. 


The iRover2® family has been designed to ensure that your flat panel investment is securely protected. All carts are built with durable 5” casters.

Meet the iRover2® family for Interactive Flat Panels!

iRover2 for interactive flat panels

Premium iRover2®

Height adjustable with electric lift

iRover2 for interactive flat panels base model

NEW! iRover2® Base Model

Fixed height - 6 settings upon assembly

iRover2 interactive flat panel easel

NEW! iRover2® Flat Panel Easel for primary classrooms

Fixed height –1 setting upon assembly 

Height adjustable wall mount for interactive flat panels

NEW! iRover2® Height-adjustable Wall Mounts 

Height adjustable with electric lift


What else makes our Premium iRover2® cart different? Check out these features:


Inclusive flexible learning spaces

In a recent survey of educators, we learned that over 75% of them rearrange their classrooms at least twice each year. 40% surveyed said they actually change their classrooms around monthly!

Classrooms are being rearranged regularly as schools try to create more flexible learning spaces for their students. Whichever model you choose, iRover2's flexibility allows the flat panel to move throughout the classroom and can accommodate full class or small group instruction with an easy-to-use electric lift. The design and placement of the legs on the carts, along with the electric lift function support ease-of-access for all students, including those with special needs accommodations. 

Road Trip: Durability Testing

We took the iRover2® on a road trip down the back roads of rural Ontario to test the overall durability of the cart, including the casters. All of our iRover2® carts have the same durable 5" casters as seen in this durability test.


Height adjustable wall mount for interactive flat panels

NEW iRover Height-adjustable Wall Mount

17" height adjustment range.

This new flat panel wall mount system is designed for concrete/cinder block walls. The easy-to-use electric lift allows the flat panel height to be adjusted with a 17” range to accommodate students from different grade levels as classrooms change. This flexibility is also ideal in media and library spaces where many students participate in activities. Mounts over marker ledges. 

Also available for studded walls.

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NEW iRover2® Flat Panel Easel for primary classrooms

20 3/4"- 24 3/4" range from floor to bottom of screen.

This new easel hybrid was designed for primary classroom environments. To maximize its footprint, it combines a durable flat panel cart with convenient storage often found in traditional teaching easels for manipulatives, books and other materials. The flat panel is low to the ground to accommodate little learners and students with special needs accommodation.

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NEW iRover2® Base Model for Interactive Flat Panels

26” - 36” range from floor to bottom of screen

Designed with the same quality build as our Premium model but with a few less bells and whistles.

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