Other Premium Teaching Easels

Pricing in Currency
Deluxe Chart Stand- lowest position

Deluxe Chart Stand

(CS700) $273.00 USD

The Deluxe Chart Stand can hang both chart paper and pocket charts along with the ability to adjust the height. This double sided magnetic dry-erase stand is a valuable tool for group and independent activities. 

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Double Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel

Double Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel

(BE1) $519.00 USD

This easel was designed to bring natural elements into the classroom and is ideal for neutral or early years environments. The sturdy frame and shelf is constructed of bamboo, a sustainable and fast growing plant and the Large Open Tubs are made with 25% recycled content.

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Teacher Trolley

(LLS100) $229.00 USD


Resource teachers will love this trolley; with storage, a new book ledge, and even a place for file folders, everything is ready to move!

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Teach 'n' Go Cart

(TAG) $559.00 USD

Now with a new lower price! Developed with busy teachers in mind – the Teach 'n’ Go Cart makes moving and sharing lessons from classrooms a breeze. This cart is ideal for K-8 teachers on the go.

With lots of storage and sturdy casters, this cart can also act as a mobile makerspace within a school. Find more mobile makerspace solutions here

See our Whiteboard Tips and Tricks.