Careers at Copernicus

Careers at Copernicus

Copernicus Educational Products Inc., continues to lead the marketplace with educational classroom teaching aids designed for "making teaching a little easier!" We have built our reputation over the years with our ongoing product innovation and classroom research practices. The award winning Royal® Reading and Writing Center is used in more than 135,000 classrooms worldwide!


Current Opportunities

Are you looking to work alongside a team of good people working hard to make great things happen? How about a career with a company that truly cares about its people?  Copernicus Educational Products is a company that goes beyond the norm in trying to make a social and environmental impact with goals and targets that extend beyond the bottom line. 

We are looking for ambitious individuals who align with these traits and desires and have the qualifications, goals, and skills to fit our open positions.  

Free Land Use for a Small Organic Farmer

2-3 acres available for a small organic farmer. 

This land is part of an 89-acre parcel in Arthur, ON, and, is legally protected as both farmland and natural habitat. We are making a few acres available for free to someone interested in small-scale organic farming. This land hasn’t been farmed or grazed in over 15 years. Before that, it had only been plowed approximately once in the past 25 years, meaning the soil should be quite healthy. Our manufacturing business is located on the adjoining 11 acres, so there would be access to running water, washrooms, and other resources. A tractor and tiller is also available. 
This past summer, we piloted a free nature program on the property for children from the community that has been quite successful. If the nature program expands and turns into a full-time program, we would like to expose children to an organic farm through education and hands-on experiences. This means that whoever farms the land must be open to allowing children to interact in some small capacity. We are also receptive to investing in a greenhouse. If you’re interested or know of someone who might be interested, please have them call Jim at 519-546-5033.  



  Commitment to our employees
  Copernicus is committed to paying staff a living wage (above minimum wage) to all employees.