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3 little words...

...that individually represent the fundamentals of what we, at Copernicus, expect from our products. And together, these words act as a mantra. We are not about developing the latest shiny thing or cool gadget. It is about listening and acting on what is really needed, really important and really effective in elementary classrooms. In essence, our products have to have real purpose, in the real world and be available at realistic prices.


Products are only developed based on identified classroom needs and in conjunction with our Idea Lab Educator Advisors.


Products are tested in real classrooms over an extended period of time (sometimes over 6 months).


After testing, the feedback from teachers and students is used to further refine the design. The testing loop begins again until we are all satisfied with every detail.

Teaching Easels

It makes us happy when we hear teachers refer to our easels as “The Command Central of the Classroom.”

In conjunction with our Idea Lab Educator Advisory Team, we have loaded these easels up with teacher-driven features that work all day long in classrooms around the world; rounding up materials, fostering collaboration and communication, displaying daily lessons and schedules and of course story time.

See how our easel compares to the competition and learn more about how to care for your whiteboard with these Tips and Tricks.


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For Mobile Devices

Who wants to see oversized dull grey tech storage carts when you can have bright and cheerfull ones - just like your students!

The Tech Tub2® family offers an affordable, flexible and mobile solution for charging and storing devices used in PreK-8 classrooms.They charge and store iPads® and 11” Chromebooks or a combination of both all in one tub. Now with new and improved cable management!



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Mobile Solutions for Technology

Here you will find our iRover²™ for Interactive Flat Panels as well as our Tech Tub2® family of device storage and charging solutions.



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STEM/STEAM Lab and Makerspace

Support design thinking by creating your own pop-up STEM/STEAM lab with our mobile STEM Maker Station and 3D Printer Cart. Load them up, move throughout a school and keep tools at everyone’s fingertips while amazing creations are being dreamed up. Click here to see more ways to keep your high tech and low tech tools and materials organized.


Transform your Makerspace

Storage Solutions

Being organized does not mean you have to have super powers, although they may help. All you really need is one of our storage solutions to keep your books, work in progress and manipulatives tidy.

Our durable Tubs are the heart of our storage family of products; they can hold up to 10 pounds of just about anything (and we mean anything). Once they are placed in a Library on Wheels Cart or Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart, they are an organizational force to be reckoned with!


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Arts and Crafts

Let imaginations run wild! When a child paints they learn how to express themselves without words, explore color and their senses.

Hands-on play is important for healthy social and emotional development. The downside can be the end of the day and it’s time to clean up. Teachers are pleasantly surprised by all the built-in features of the Double Sided Art Easel, particularly the ones that help put everything back in order ready for the next round.


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Early Childhood

From an early age, children are engaged by direct sensory experiences. We have developed a range of products that include specifically designed easels for primary grades and the Sand and Water Sensory Center that engages and entertains in equal measures.

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Here is the place to find great deals on products that have been discontinued or are overstocked. This area is regularly updated, so check back often!

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Packaging Materials

We are pledging to formally eliminate between 90-100% of the non-compostable materials from our packaging and shipping process by July 2020.

Recycled Plastics

Most Copernicus Storage tubs are made from 25% recycled material.

Product Country of Origin

Curious about where our products are designed, manufactured and packaged? Take a look at our Country of Origins guides for our Traditional Classroom Products and our Tech Products.

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC)

EMC is Canada’s largest manufacturing consortium and has been a non-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers grow and stay competitive for over 25 years. As members, we support our manufacturing community by participating in strategic interest groups, the development of manufacturing best practices including health and safety and training for our employees. To learn more visit www.emccanada.org