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"Our teachers were beginning to improvise, and I knew there had to be something on the market that would satisfy all of their needs. Luckily, we found Tech Tubs very quickly, and the solutions they offer checked off all of the boxes.”

Technical Services and Support Supervisor, ON


"This year, we purchased twenty-two Dual Duty Teaching Easels for our first and second grade classrooms. The combination of a traditional teaching easel with technology storage is brilliant! Having the Tech Tubs open on the sides of the cart help to manage the flow of student traffic and teachers appreciate the functionality of the magnetic whiteboard and the compact footprint!"

Melanie Evans, Coordinator of Educational Services, Salida USB, Salida, CA



"If you’re looking for an easy way to store your iPads® and tablets in your classroom, Tech Tubs are the answer! They have been designed to allow even the youngest students to easily open and close the door, plug the devices tangle-free and although they are compact, the Tech Tubs offer plenty of room to store devices."

G. Landry, Kindergarten Teacher, Orleans, Ontario @edventurouslittleapples

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Tech Tub2® deployment 

Tech Tub2® allows schools with 1:1 models to deploy devices quickly by placing the tubs around the classroom to reduce bottlenecks.


Device rollouts made simple

See how districtwide device rollouts are made simple with Tech Tub2®.

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Tech Tub2® Durability


Rough and tumble!

Watch the Tech Tub2 get tossed, dropped and kicked on its journey through rural Ontario.

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Tech Tub2® security when you need it

3-point lock

Tech Tubs have a 3-point lock with 2 keys and can be mounted to surfaces for added security.

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Tub-to-tub locking

Tub-to-tub locking mechanism that locks the Tech Tubs together, securing all the devices in the cart.

Fast track to the Tech Tub2® Family

Learn more about individual Tubs

Tech Tubs store and charge iPads®, Chromebooks or a combination of both. They are ideal for schools that share devices or for 1:1 environments and they can be placed around the classroom to ease deployment bottlenecks.

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Learn more about Trolleys

Trolleys are designed for devices on the move! They store and charge small sets of six to ten iPads®, 11” Chromebooks and other tablets around a school. The adjustable handle and built-in casters ensure that students from grade three and up can take part in managing their devices.

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Learn more about Carts

Lightweight Modular Carts move effortlessly over thresholds making it easy to share sets of devices throughout a school. With a new tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart. For use within a classroom or placed in a central location where individual tubs can be signed out.

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Learn more about Dual Duty Teaching Easels

Why have a charging cart and an easel taking up room when you can have this space-saving hybrid? It’s designed to make the most of every inch in the classroom by combining technology storage and charging with a traditional teaching easel and moves easily around a flexible learning environment.

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Introducing Tech Tub2®  I   Tech Tub2® in action   I   Meet the Tech Tub2® family   I   Districtwide rollouts