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District wide device rollouts made simple when using Tech Tub2®

"Tech Tubs® have provided our district with an alternative to traditional laptop and tablet carts. They provide store and charge options for our classrooms which use technology in innovative and engaging ways that extend beyond whole-class instruction, like the blended learning station-rotation model or other small-group integrated learning environments."

Luke S. Bilger, Technology Program Specialist - The School District of Philadelphia, 214 schools, over 100,000 students


Discover which Tech Tub2® solution is right for your rollout



The Tech Tub2® family of products is a complete solution for district and school level as well as 1:1 rollouts. Device storage and charging can be managed with individual Tubs, Trolleys, Carts and hybrid solutions. These hybrid solutions save precious classroom space by combining the features of traditional easels with device storage.


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District-Level Rollouts

With many different requirements across a school district, Tech Tub saves time and maximizes limited resources. Tech Tubs®, Trolleys and Carts work well for libraries and multiple age ranges, while the Dual Duty Teaching Easel is suited for early elementary grades.

Using Tech Tub2® throughout a District requires less training for IT Staff on unique solutions, as management is focused on one common solution.

Sharing-Model Rollouts

The Modular Cart system allows for tubs to be unclipped and transported to multiple classrooms and locations throughout a school. Trolleys can easily move smaller sets of devices to the point of instruction.

1:1 Rollouts

As classes move to a 1:1 model, Tech Tubs offer a scalable solution with many different options to suit different class sizes.

Tubs can be grouped in one location, or separated around a classroom space to reduce bottlenecks in deployment or facilitate small groups.

The Dual Duty Easel is ideal for elementary classes that are 1:1 to help save on space.



Space in classrooms is limited. The need for device storage and charging along with instruction space are equally important. Get the best of both worlds with our hybrids that combine device storage and charging with a traditional teaching easel in one compact footprint.


Dual Duty Teaching Easels

Why have a charging cart and an easel taking up room when you can have this space-saving hybrid? It’s designed to make the most of every inch in the classroom by combining technology storage and charging with a traditional teaching easel and moves easily around a flexible learning environments.

Dual Duty Teaching Easel - holds 32 devices

Dual Duty Teaching Easel -  holds 24 devices

Dual Duty Teaching Easel -  holds 20 devices

Dual Duty Teaching Easel - holds 12 devices

Dual Duty Teaching Easel - holds 6 devices

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Introducing Tech Tub2®    I    Tech Tub2® in action    I    Meet the Tech Tub2®  I   Districtwide rollouts