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Many of our top selling teaching easels are loaded with value added features not found anywhere else and are backed by a lifetime warranty on easel components and
5 years on whiteboards.

16 years-old and still going strong!

In the fall of 2016, we visited a local school and snapped a photo of this 16 year-old Copernicus Reading Writing Center. This easel started its journey with students who would now be graduating from high school. 

All of our products are designed and built to withstand daily life in the classroom. In an action packed classroom, anything can happen, so we insure your product with our "We've Got Your Back" lifetime warranty.  

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Premium Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC200)

This new easel features the ultimate in storage! This versatile teaching easel provides an organized lesson center in one compact footprint along with mobility throughout the classroom. With a magnetic dry-erase board, Ultra-Safe premium book ledge, lots of tub and chart paper storage as well as new book folders to keep the middle shelf free for other teaching materials, it is designed to be the command central of the classroom.

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Basic Reading Writing Center (RC201)

This new easel features the quality build of our teaching centers as well as an attractive price point for tight budgets. Small and Open Tubs can be positioned on the upper or lower level to accommodate various-sized teaching manipulatives.

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Royal Reading Writing Center

Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC105)

This easel is an essential teaching tool for all primary and junior classes. Designed with teacher-driven features that help keep everything organized and lessons more engaging.

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Classic Royal Reading Writing Center


Classic Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC005)

The award-winning Royal® Reading Writing Center's unique features help you teach more efficiently while engaging your students. This easel is an essential teaching tool for all primary and junior classes.

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Regal™ Reading Writing Center (RC107)

The Regal™ Reading Writing Center is a valuable teaching tool for primary and junior classes. This easel is equipped with plenty of book and manipulative storage, for quick access during independent or group lessons.

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Outdoor Caster Upgrade Kit (CAS-EXT)

Schools that already have these Copernicus Teaching Easels, Storage Carts, or Hand Sanitizer Stations can outfit them with durable casters for outdoor use. The kit includes four durable 5” casters (two locking). For tips on setting up your outdoor classroom, read our Real & Ready Classroom Stories blog post here. For a complete list of compatible products, please refer to the compatibility chart.

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