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Strengthening Cap-and-Trade Guidelines for the Oil and Gas Sector

Canada's oil and gas sector accounted for 28% of national emissions in 2021. Currently, the Government of Canada is working on a first draft of its cap-and-trade emissions regulation for the oil and gas sector. To prepare for the public commenting period, we are collecting signatures from businesses who support stricter regulations. On this page, you can also find educational resources, links to relevant petitions, and a template to contact your local MP to take action.


Returning the lands back to the Greenbelt

In fall of 2022, Copernicans worked together to collect the signatures of over 120 Ontario businesses, including fellow B Corps, who supported the repeal of Bill 23. Those signatures, in combination with everyone that signed petitions, put up signs, went to rallies and contacted their MPPs helped to keep the pressure on which ultimately resulted in the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, reversing his decision to develop the Greenbelt. 

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