Introducing the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser


Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser Kids Stationary Bike

Introducing the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser    I    Meet the Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser 

Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

Do you have students in your class or at home that struggle to keep focused?
Children with the wiggles need to move!

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We worked with teachers from our Idea Lab Educator Advisory Team and ergonomic and engineering consultants who design high-end bikes to develop the new Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser specifically for students PreK-6. It is an affordable and durable solution specifically designed for rugged classroom environments and is ideal for student-led self-regulation. 

Designed for fit, riding comfort, and safety for students grades PreK-6

A quick and quiet solution

Without interrupting a lesson, students can hop on the bike and quietly burn off energy (or get the wiggles out). In just a ten-minute ride, students can become more engaged and ready to learn.

Durable and safe

Our bike exceeds standard testing of 100,000 cycles required for home and commercial use bikes; with over 7 million testing cycles, this bike is built to withstand all the miles you can put on it. It's fully adjustable to create the safest ergonomics for students. Plus, it’s low maintenance.


The Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser can be used within a classroom, in body break rooms, or at home and can be moved around as needed. It can be adjusted quickly to accommodate different-sized students.

Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser stationary bike for kids

Self-regulation Classroom Cruisers

Two models to choose from for grades PreK-2

With desktop and backrest | Handlebars only

Two models to choose from for Grades 3-6

With desktop and backrest | Handlebars only

Why we designed this

Why choose our bike?


“We know from research, that movement is important for learning.” *

- Allison Potts, Mental Health Leader, Durham District School Board, ON


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A Principal's Perspective

Read the case study"Classroom bikes have been tested and integrated in the classroom by my school and we have seen great success."

-Bryan Cinti, Principal

Elementary school principal, Bryan Cinti, shares his story of how the use of bikes transformed both the students and the classroom environment.

Read the Case Study

What do students think?

"You are doing exercise and working on here… so your brain is focusing on this instead of your brain kind of running all around."

-Noah, a student in Mrs. Clifford’s grade 2 and 3 class, at St. Timothy School Catholic School

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Is a classroom bike a distraction?

Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser stationary bike for kids

At first, the bike will be a new curiosity in the class. Don’t worry, that will pass! 

- Improving a student's ability to self-regulate reduces distractive behaviors because it helps control impulses, tolerate frustrations, and more.*

- Bikes help students regain focus and they can produce more work and remain in the classroom while having a physical/emotional break.”*

- In a study of teachers’ perspectives on bike use in classrooms, 99% of respondents said they would recommend the implementation of a bike in the classroom.*

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Fully adjustable for safety and ergonomics

Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser stationary bike for kids

The Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser is easily adjustable by students

What can be adjusted?

- Handlebar/work surface height

- Seat height and fore & aft

- Resistance level

- Position of the work surface (reading or writing modes)

- Pedal straps

- Floor levelers

Learn more about ensuring the bike is fit just right for your students:

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Why adult-sized stationary bikes are not the answer: Safety and ergonomics

Proper ergonomics are critical for rider safety.  Unlike adult stationary bikes, ours is designed for fit, riding comfort, and safety for students in grades PreK-6

Kids stationary bike- Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

A. When a student rides an adult-sized stationary bike, ergonomics and safety are compromised

B. Designed with ergonomics specifically for student-sized riders

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*Click here for the complete source guide.

Introducing the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser    I    Meet the Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser