Meet the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

Stationary Bike for students- Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

Introducing the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser I    Meet the Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser   

NEW! Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

Focused minds. Active bodies.

The new Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser is designed to provide opportunities for students, grades PreK-6, to self-regulate through movement without having to leave or disrupt the class. It is ideal for inclusive environments or in the home. The Cruiser helps kinesthetic learners and any student who needs to get the wiggles out so they can refocus and engage in learning. 

Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser stationary bikes for kids

Designed specifically for students PreK-6 and fully adjustable for the safest ergonomics

Why choose our bike over others?

Student pedaling stationary bike Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

Quiet drivetrain Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser

Adjustable stationary bike for kids Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser
Built to last with over 7 million
testing cycles
Quiet and
enclosed drivetrain

Fully adjustable
for the safest ergonomics

student tracking time speed Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser Desktop surface adjustable stationary bike for kids

Digital display that tracks
distance, speed and more.

Multi-position work surface
for reading or writing

Low maintenance

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Why we designed this

Student on Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser                                                                               

Movement, balance and self-regulation

  • Rhythmic movement, such as pedaling, has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps us self-regulate

Integrated classrooms

  • Many learning disabilities make it difficult for students to sit still and concentrate
  • The bike allows students to remain in the classroom and take a break (and not be centered out or miss part of the lesson)

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Kinesthetic learners learn best when they incorporate movement

Childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles

  • Time and funding for physical education has decreased
  • Research shows a relationship between increased sedentary behaviors with weak academic performance* 

Comparing the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser to Sparks Fly and KidsfitHow does the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser compare

Watch the video to see how the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser compares to others on the market.

Watch video

Why this is not an adult-sized stationary bike

Adult stationary bike vs Copernicus kids stationary bike

A. When a student rides an adult-sized stationary bike, ergonomics and safety are compromised

B. Designed with ergonomics specifically for student-sized riders





Safety and ergonomics

  • Our bikes are designed specifically for student-sized riders
  • Industry standard testing of 100,000 cycles is required
    for home and commercial use bikes; with over 7 million
    testing cycles, this bike is built to withstand all the miles you can put on it.
  • Proper ergonomics are critical for rider safety. Unlike
    adult-sized stationary bikes that suit only a limited range
    of riders, our bike is fully adjustable to prevent injury.
  • The covered drivetrain prevents little fingers (or anything else) from the moving parts

Designed for classroom environments

  • Very quiet enclosed drivetrain to reduce distraction
  • Digital display and work surface integrate into
    classroom activities
  • Easy to move and requires no maintenance

Meet the Self-regulation Classroom Cruisers


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Introducing the Self-regulation Classroom Cruiser    I    Meet the Self-Regulation Classroom Cruiser