The Tech Tub Advantage

Tech Tub2 for physical distancing

Small class sizes

Physical distancing

Remote learning

The Tech Tub Advantage

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Three Reasons to choose Tech Tub2


1. Smaller Class Sizes: The new normal

When newly purchased devices are returned and schools reopen with smaller class sizes and different configurations, Tech Tubs can adapt to almost any setup.

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Tech Tub2 physical distancing 

2. Encourages Physical Distancing

Placing tubs around the classroom, allows more distance between students and reduces deployment bottlenecks. A large charging cart doesn't provide the same opportunities.

3. Future-proofing for Remote Learning: A typical charging cart can't do this!

Tech directors used Tech Tubs to deliver devices door-to-door during the pandemic. Tech Tubs help make remote learning rollouts easier to deploy.

Individual Tech Tubs can be unclipped from our Modular Carts and easily transported (unlike large charging carts).

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