The Tech Tub Advantage

Tech Tub2 for physical distancing

Supports small class sizes

Reduces deployment bottlenecks and encourages physical distancing

Future-proofs for remote learning deployments 

The Tech Tub Advantage

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"I’ve used Tech Tubs from Copernicus for years to manage Kindles, Chromebooks and iPads. Whatever plan our district implements, we know that Tech Tubs will assist us in managing devices in a way that can accommodate a variety of scenarios because of how adaptable they are."


Jessica Meacham, Elementary STEAM Teacher, Southern Door County School District, WI

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Three reasons to choose Tech Tub

1. Small Class Sizes: The new normal

Many schools are considering smaller class sizes and different configurations, Tech Tubs can adapt to almost any setup.

Managing devices to encourage physical distancing
Tech Tub2® stores, charges and locks up small sets of devices. Unlike large charging carts, they are suitable for reduced class sizes because small sets in Tubs or Trolleys can be moved wherever they are needed based on how many students are in the class.

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Tech Tub2 physical distancing 

2. Reduces deployment bottlenecks and encourages physical distancing

Placing tubs around the classroom, allows more distance between students and reduces deployment bottlenecks. A large charging cart doesn't provide the same opportunities.

Easy to follow daily device management that reduces contact:

  1. The teacher opens the Tech Tub door each morning
  2. One by one, students retrieve their device without touching others in the tub
  3. At the end of the day, the students return their devices, plug them in for charging
  4. The teacher locks them up at the end of the day without having touch the devices

3. Future-proofs for remote learning deployments: A typical charging cart can't do this!

The CDC suggests that schools be ready for future outbreaks. If remote learning deployments are required due to a sudden outbreak, our Tech Tubs are easy to move to where needed to distribute devices. Dealing with cords is always a pain, but Tech Tubs are fairly straightforward to uncable. No tools are required and there are no back panels to take off, like some carts on the market.

Tech directors used Tech Tubs to deliver devices door-to-door during the pandemic.

Individual Tech Tubs can be unclipped from our Modular Carts and easily transported (unlike large charging carts).

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Tech Tub2Downloadable Student Name Templates

Use these name templates to make it easy to assign devices to individual students to reduce sharing.

Student name labels for Tech Tubs - 6 Device Tub
Student name labels for Tech Tubs - 10 Device Tub


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