Reusing Products


Contact us for free parts; our lifetime warranty covers just about everything!


Take Back
We take back your Copernicus product and dispose of it for you.


Contact us to see what can be recycled, and check your local guidelines!



Educators are a giving bunch! Our Idea Lab Educator Advisory told us that most teachers donate equipment they no longer need within their school. Or they work with their principal or administrator to have them shipped to the board warehouse to be distributed to other schools within their district. We even heard of sharing sites by teachers, schools, or districts to facilitate sharing of used equipment. 


Tips for donating equipment to other teachers and schools

Talk to your principal about creating a marketplace or classified ads-style page on your school or district’s website.

Talk to or email your custodian; they may know someone in need.


Go to Donors Choose to see if teachers in your area are looking for similar new equipment for their projects.

Create a Facebook group for your local teachers to join where they can post pictures, and swap used equipment.


A note about donating: Some schools have rules and regulations about what and how they dispose of or donate items. Be sure to check in with your principal or administrator if you are uncertain of your district’s guidelines.

Here are a few more resources to help facilitate the reuse of your product within your community

Goodwill United States and Canada Pacific Assist Australia and New Zealand Canadian Diabetes Association Canada Arts Junktion Ontario, Canada
Waste Wise Ontario, Canada GovDeals United States Habitat for Humanity United States and Canada Salvation Army United States and Canada

Tips for reusing parts

Many of our easels have removable whiteboards and tubs. These can be reused virtually anywhere in a school, home, or community center. However, upcycling transforms a product’s material into something else. Before you consider recycling the steel parts of your easel, for example, offer it to your STEM or shop class. They can take the product apart and use the steel (and other parts) for projects they are working on.