When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.

Leveled Reading Book Browser 18

$289.49 USD
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Why We Designed This

For use as an in-class library or for makerspace materials and tools. These carts are the ideal height for students and teachers to easily view and choose a book. Tubs include the perfect spot for a label (labels not included) and can be used to color code Lego® and other maker and STEM materials. This book cart can hold up to 90lbs and is built of tough stuff!

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  • Sturdy frame that can hold up to 90lbs
  • 18 Small Open Tubs in an assortment of Classic colors
  • Tub colors include: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and Clear
  • 2" locking casters
  • Tubs can be easily labeled (labels not included)




  • When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.
  • Have a part that needs replacing? Utilize our Replacement Parts Program to keep your product in use longer.
  • Finished with this product? Please follow the suggestions on our Product Lifecycle page.


  • The packaging of this product is predominantly plastic free, and we are actively exploring alternative materials for plastic cable ties. Stay tuned for updates on our progress.
  • Frame Measures 36 1/2"(91cm) H x 40 1/2"(103cm) W x 15 3/4"(40cm) D 
  • Small Open Tub Measures 6"(15cm) H x 6 1/2" (17cm) W x 15 3/4" (40cm) D 
  • UPC: 664678000092

Educator's Reviews

We purchased many items from Copernicus as we opened up a brand-new school in 2020 - Classroom easels, tech tubs, and book carts.  Our Book Browser Carts were easy to put together, functional, and work great in our classrooms. In addition, their customer service has been amazing.

-Theresa Wells-Taylor – Teacher Librarian

Product in classroom

I just love my cart! It was a great way for me to organize additional books and student resources in my classroom. It is very sturdy.  It allows my students (and myself) to find things easily.  It looks GREAT in my classroom!

-Deedee Wills, Kindergarten Teacher, Colorado

Product in classroom

We use our Book Browser Cart in our Craft Club to organize all of the different centers. We love all of the different bins to hold all of our materials and tools!

-Victoria Cross Public School Craft Club, Mount Forest, ON

Product in classroom

We use the carts everyday to travel from room to room with the children, since we don’t have our own room to store our activities and programming materials. This means the children have access to the materials we provide at all times, it basically allows us to have a ‘portable classroom’. 

-Lexi W, Early Childhood Educator, Ontario