Premium Royal Inspiration Station

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  • Premium Royal Inspiration Station

Why We Designed This

Establishing a new standard for teaching easels – the Inspiration Station was designed in collaboration with educators, incorporating many innovative features to make teaching easier and more effective. The Inspiration Station is a valuable tool for both independent and group activities.

See our Whiteboard Tips and Tricks.

    • Front magnetic dry erase surface with slide-out board - enlarges work area by 15" W 
    • Rear removable double-sided dry erase board with lines on one side
    • Ultra-Safe Premium Book Ledge that locks into multiple positions 
    • Includes 10 Open Tubs with safety stops
    • 1 Really Big Tub
    • 8 Tiny Tubs
    • Big Book Rack
    • 2 Magnetic Page Paws 
    • Top shelf for teacher storage
    • Chart paper hooks and telescoping hooks to accommodate wide pocket charts
    • 3" casters, 2 foot-activated brakes

    NOTE: This product is designed for single classroom use and is not meant to be moved from room to room.

    • Frame Measures 61"(155cm) - 64 1/2"(164cm) H x 30"(76cm) W x 30"(76cm) D  
    • Front Magnetic Dry Erase Board Measures 30"(76cm) H  x 38"(97cm) W 
    • Rear Removable Dry Erase Board Measures 24"(61cm) H x 35"(89cm) W 
    • Open Tubs Measure 12 9/16"(32cm) L x 15 5/8"(40cm) W x 6"(15cm) D (outer measurements)
    • Really Big Tub Measures 25"(64cm) L x 13"(33cm) W x 6"(15cm) D  
    • Tiny Tubs Measure 3"(8cm) W x 5"(13cm) L x 4"(10cm) D
    • Lifetime Frame Warranty 
    • Lifetime Tub Warranty
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