Dewey the Document Camera Stand with microscope and light

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  • Dewey the Document Camera Stand with microscope and light
  • Dewey the Document Camera Stand with microscope and light
  • Dewey with iPhone close up
  • Dewey with iPad Mini
  • Dewey in use with a projector
  • Dewey in the classroom
  • Dewey set up at home for remote learning
  • Dewey mounting holes
  • Dewey clamps and power cord close up (power cords not included)
  • Dewey used outside

Why We Designed This

A great tool for remote learning. Sets up quickly at your kitchen table and keeps your hands free for lessons and demonstrations. See more solutions.

Turn your devices, including your smartphones and iPads®, into a document camera by utilizing the camera app. Now with the addition of a microscope, Dewey enables students to get up-close and explore their studies. The sturdy frame sets up quickly, mounts to surfaces and provides teachers and students with the opportunity to share work, ideas and anything else that inspires.

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    • Spring loaded clamps hold all versions of iPad® with a camera and various smartphones with or without cases (excludes 12.9 inch iPad Pro) 
    • Microscope feature with 5x or 10x magnification and LED light
    • Height adjustable
    • 90° rotating mount that swivels and tilts, keeping the device secure
    • Headphone holder
    • Mounting holes on the base for securing Dewey to a surface
    • Compatible with Apple® AV adapters and Apple TV 
    • 12 3/4" (32cm) - 23" (58cm) H (lowest to highest position) x 10 3/4" (27cm) W x 15" (38cm) D
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • UPC: 664678000405
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