Original Tech Tub® Base Model

$84.00 USD
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Why We Designed This

The Original Tech Tub ® Base model is a compact solution designed to secure various mobile devices, tools and materials simply by adding your own padlock. Made from highly durable, heat resistant ABS plastic and vented to ensure airflow, Tech Tubs® are secure, mobile and lightweight.
Use your Original Tech Tub® Base model for securely storing makerspace materials such robots, littleBits™ and tools. Find more mobile makerspace solutions here.

Need help picking the right Tech Tub® solution? See our Technical Downloads and Resources below.


  • Storage tub and lid (supply your own padlock and powerstrip) 
  • Optional accessories:


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  • Shipped with zero plastic packaging material.
  • Original Tech Tub®  Measurements: 16"(41cm) H x 12 1/2"(32cm) W x 16"(41cm) D 
  • UPC: 664678001020
  • Lifetime warranty

Educator's Reviews

Product in classroom

I’ve used Tech Tubs from Copernicus for years to manage Kindles, Chromebooks and iPads. Whatever plan our district implements, we know that Tech Tubs will assist us in managing devices in a way that can accommodate a variety of scenarios because of how adaptable they are.

- Jessica Meacham, Elementary STEAM Teacher, Southern Door County School District, WI
Twitter: @jessicameacham