A more sustainable choice than a steel easel. Made from bamboo, a renewable resource.

Bamboo Early Learning Station

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Why We Designed This

Our bamboo easels are a more sustainable choice than metal models because they have a smaller carbon footprint. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and sequesters carbon, unlike steel which produces carbon. For every bamboo product purchased, Copernicus will make a donation to conserve natural panda habitat through the World Wildlife Fund.

This easel has a natural aesthetic better suited for neutral and early childhood environments. With multiple activity-based features, the Early Learning Station is perfect for preschool to grade one classes. The station provides teachers with quick set-up and the ability to change lessons when needed.  This easel has a two whiteboards, one lined for students to practice their printing and it folds away for easy storage.

Sage combination (ESL2-S)

Vibrant Mixed combination (ELS2-VM)



  • Two magnetic dry-erase whiteboards, one side with solid/dotted/solid line sequence
  • Roll-up felt for creative play, along with corner ties and  magnets to secure on station
  • Safety Cap™ premium book ledge that locks into multiple positions
  • Two Large Open Tubs
  • Available color combinations include:
  • Sage tubs and book ledge (ELS2-S)
  • Vibrant tubs (1 Aqua, 1 Yellow) and blue book ledge (ELS2-VM)
  • Snap-on chart paper hooks
  • Frame folds for storage
  • 3” Locking casters

Tips for Eco-Friendly Use

  • To make sure your whiteboard lasts as long as possible, use non-abrasive cleaners and erasers, do not use permanent markers, and do not put tape on the board.
  • Utilize our whiteboard replacement program rather than sending your entire easel to the landfill.


  • Durable with a lifetime warranty.
  • Made from bamboo, a renewable resource.
  • Tubs are made with 25% recycled polypropylene.
  • For every bamboo product purchased, we will make a donation to conserve natural panda habitat through the World Wildlife Fund.


  • We are working on removing all plastic from our packaging. Check back in with us soon to see our removal journey unfold.
  • Frame Measures: 51" (130 cm) H x 30" (76 cm) W x 26" (66 cm) D
  • Tubs Measure  6"(15cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 15 3/4"(40cm) D (outer measurements)
  • Inside tub measurements 6"(15cm) H x 10" (25cm) W x 12 1/2" (32cm) D
  • UPC:

ELS2-S 664678002737
ELS2-VM 664678002744

Educator's Reviews

We use the easel everyday!  It has changed my teaching and the kids use it as a resource throughout the day. I LOVE the whiteboard side that has handwriting lines. We start the day every morning writing our schedule down for the day. I couldn’t believe how much they referred to the schedule throughout the day. It’s such a little thing but they really like it and remind me if I forget to do it. 

Also, we use one of the red tubs to house our marker boxes so it’s allowed them to be more independent when needing to use markers. It’s also useful to have the markers stored in the easel for whenever we need to make a chart or diagram. In the other tub I store my themed unit read alouds for easy access. I honestly don’t know how I taught without this easel!! Next year I plan to use it as a poetry center where students read a poem on a poster and use sentence strips to build the poem in a pocket chart. 

The only thing I would like to add is more storage for things like sentence strips or an additional shelf that ran in the middle of the easel. 

-Williams Avenue Elementary School in Norwood, Ohio.

I couldn’t resist the beautiful natural colors of this easel, and I highly recommend it to any teacher who is looking to create a calm classroom environment. I’ve had my Bamboo Teaching Easel for three years, and it’s amazing durability keeps it looking new, year after year. This easel is easy to wheel around my third grade classroom where I use it to create anchor charts during mini lessons and as a whiteboard at our back table during small group instruction.

-Laura Santos, Third grade teacher, Blogger, California

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