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As a manufacturing company, we appreciate you choosing Copernicus. It is important to us that you are happy with your purchase. If you have ANY problems or questions, just give us a call or email us and we will do our best to help you!

About our Warranty

Most of us are cynical about warranties because of the poor experiences we have had when making a warranty claim. Whether it’s the warranty running out the day something goes wrong, or getting through all the red tape to prove that something indeed falls under warranty, making claims can be painful.

At Copernicus, we try to do things differently. We hope you never need to make a warranty claim, but if you do, we promise to explore every way possible to quickly fix it. It’s that simple.

Our product warranty is valid when used under proper application in a classroom, daycare or library. Contact us if you require any replacement parts.


To validate your warranty, complete and submit the form below within 10 business days from product assembly. Proof of purchase required upon warranty claim (ie: copy of invoice).

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