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Expect more from your early childhood classroom solutions.

From an early age, children are engaged by direct sensory experiences. In partnership with educators (our Idea Lab), we have developed a range of products with early childhood educators in mind. These products have been tested in real classroom environments to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of students and educators alike.  Over the last few years, we have continued to expand our bamboo furniture line, as it is important for us to develop more sustainable classroom solutions. From bamboo to metal solutions, there's something for every space.

For more information on why to choose bamboo, read our blog, "Why Choose Bamboo".



With loads of teacher-driven features, our line of early childhood products offers a solution for every classroom.

Designed and built to withstand daily life in the classroom. Our products have a lifetime warranty.


Our products can be moved around the classroom wherever learning takes place.

What educators are saying about our early childhood classroom solutions

"The Double Sided Art Easel is great because everything is at the student’s level so they can be completely independent from start to finish. It is great for fine motor skills with the clips and containers."

-Paula Kells, Kindergarten Teacher, Ontario & Paula Castellan, ECE, Ontario

"I am over the moon about the Bamboo Early Learning Station! It is PERFECT for early childhood classrooms, and I absolutely love that it is made from a sustainable, renewable resource, has a magnetic felt board for storytelling, and a lined whiteboard for writing. If you’re in the market for a new easel, this is it!"

-Julie C, Kindergarten Teacher, NH
Instagram: @heykindergarten

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