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Bamboo: Strong, durable, beautiful, naturally

The planet is in a climate crisis, so reducing the environmental impact of our products is crucial. Bamboo products are a more sustainable choice than metal models because they have a smaller carbon footprint. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and sequesters carbon, unlike metal which produces carbon.

What does ‘sequesters carbon’ mean? 

Carbon sequestration is the capturing, removal, and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the earth’s atmosphere. It’s recognized as a key method for removing carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere. For more information on why to choose bamboo, read our blog.



With loads of teacher-driven features, our line of bamboo products offers a solution for every classroom.

 Our bamboo products are designed and built to withstand life in the classroom and have a lifetime warranty.


Our products can be moved around the classroom wherever learning takes place.

What educators are saying about our Bamboo Classroom Products

"My students LOVE our Reading and Writing Shelf (Bamboo Bookshelf)! Filled with their drawing/writing journals, decodable stories, learning games, clipboards, pencils, and a simple sharpener —they have everything they need in one special place!! Everything my students need for reading and writing time fits perfectly in the green tubs and the tubs are super easy to move and put back. This shelf is seriously the perfect height for early childhood students!!

-Julie C., Kindergarten Teacher, NH
Instagram: @heykindergarten 

"This easel brings me so much joy. My Bamboo Double Sided Teaching Easel quickly became an integral part of my daily literacy lessons and one of my favorite teaching tools. Not only is it functional with lots of storage, but it’s beautiful TOO!!”"

-Ashlea O., Literacy coach, Washington, DC
Instagram: @keepitsimpleteacher

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