iRover²™ for Interactive Flat Panels

Mobile, affordable and ready for adventure.

The iRover2™ for Interactive Panels is specifically designed for rugged classroom environments and can change position as often as lessons plans do!

A flat panel purchase is a big investment. Be sure to protect your investment with a cart that provides flexibility and durability – not all flat panel carts are created equal!

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Inclusive flexible learning spaces

Classrooms are being rearranged regularly as schools try to create more flexible learning spaces for their students. However, many schools, by default, mount interactive flat panels to the wall, which then becomes the front of the classroom.

iRover2’s ease of mobility allows the flat panel to move throughout the classroom and can accommodate full class or small group instruction with an easy-to-use electric lift. The design and placement of the legs, along with the electric lift function support ease-of-access for all students, including those with special needs accommodations.

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No costly wall installation required

Avoid the common hassles of installing a flat panel to the wall such as whether the wall is suitable to hold the weight of the panel or where the power outlet is located. Instead, use the affordable iRover2 to move your flat panel anywhere learning takes place.


What else makes our cart different? Check out these features:



NEW Optional Sound bar mount now available!

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Warranty details

  • Lifetime tub warranty
  • 1 year power supply and electrical lift warranty
  • 5 year frame warranty