Mobile Makerspaces

Tight for Space?

Keep things organized and ready to share throughout a school with these popular solutions for mobile makerspaces.

The STEM Maker Station stores all your essential maker materials in one place and makes it easier to share tools and materials throughout a school. The 3D Printer Cart protects your investment with its sturdy design and unique storage—all the materials and tools are close at hand. 

Turn your devices into a document camera. Dewey the Document Camera Stand enables students to get up-close and explore their studies.

The  Original Tech Tub® Base model is ideal for locking up robots, littleBits™ and other materials.
The Book Browser Cart is as useful for books as it is for maker materials and holds up to 90lbs (10 lbs per tub)!

The Storage Room Organizer is a great
system for storing maker tools, materials and more for permanent makerspaces. A variety of color combinations are available making it even easier to stay organized. They can also be stacked vertically to save floorspace.

The Library on Wheels is a ideal storage and transportation solution. This sturdy cart is great for sharing maker materials and books throughout a school.   

Tips for building successful mobile makerspaces:



Choose a system that can be moved within the classroom for different activities or throughout a school and then returned to a storage area at the end of the day.


Request feedback from other teachers on what kind of construction tools and materials will be needed before making your purchase.


Rally parents and teachers alike to pull together materials they may have lying around the house just waiting for a project.

Other resources: 

Invent to Learn: This is a great resource for educators. Check out the book by Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager, browse the site or read the blog.

Instructables: Create a makerspace for kids in 5 steps.

Renovated Learning: Many links to Maker blogs, research and more.

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