Clear STEM Storage Cart

(BB005-9-C) $291.20 Currency

  • Clear STEM Storage Cart
  • Clear STEM Storage Cart
  • Clear STEM Storage Cart
  • Large Divided Tub holds up to 10 lbs, has built-in dividers to keep everything organized and is ideal for color coding small materials
  • Large Open Tub can hold up to 10 lbs

Why We Designed This

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Teachers have told us they love clear tubs to help students (and themselves) keep everything orderly and visible, particularly Lego®. This cart is the ideal height for students and teachers to easily view and pick out their maker/STEM materials or books and the tubs can be removed from the cart and taken to where groups of students are working. The tubs have the perfect spot for a label (labels not included) and the cart can hold up to 90lbs. Designed to be used within a classroom. 

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