Small Book Browser Cart with Deluxe Tub Pack

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Why We Designed This

This compact cart includes a combination of useful storage tubs for books or maker materials. The Small Divided Tubs can be used to keep just about anything organized, including leveled reading programs. The Tiny Tubs keep all kinds of small items sorted by color, student or group. They are handy for putting together manipulatives then placing the tubs where small groups of students are working.

These carts hold up to 60lbs and are the ideal height for students and teachers to easily view and choose a book. Designed to be used within a classroom.


  • Sturdy frame that can hold up to 60lbs
  • 3 Small Divided Tubs
  • 4 Large Open Tubs (2 Aqua, 1 Lime, 1 Magenta)
  • 12 Tiny Tubs


  • Tubs are made with 25% post-industrial recycled polypropylene and are recyclable through most blue box programs when they reach the end of their use.
  • Have a part that needs replacing? Keep your product in use longer, rather than sending your entire product to the landfill by using our Replacement Parts Program.


  • We are working on removing all plastic from our packaging. Check back in with us soon to see our progress.
  • Meaures: 36 1/2" (93 cm) H x 28" (71cm) W x 15 3/4" (40 cm) D
  • Large Open Tubs Measure:  6"(15cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 15 3/4"(40cm) D (outer measurements)
  • Inside measurements 6"(15cm) H x 10" (25cm) W x 12 1/2" (32cm) D
  • Small Divided Tubs Measure: 6" (15 cm) H x 8 1/2" (22 cm) W x 15 3/4" (40 cm) D
  • Tiny Tubs Measure: 4" (10cm) H x 3" (13cm) W x  3" (8cm) D
  • UPC: 664678002812

Educator's Reviews

We love the versatility of this cart!   It fits in many areas for many different uses and doesn’t overpower the classroom.  So far we have used it for books, puzzles, toys, and arts/crafts.  The bamboo gives it a nice natural look.  The cart is very sturdy and easy to clean. 

-Shelley, RECE, ON

I just love my cart! It was a great way for me to organize additional books and student resources in my classroom. It is very sturdy.  It allows my students (and myself) to find things easily.  It looks GREAT in my classroom!

-Deedee Wills, Kindergarten Teacher, Colorado

We use our Book Browser Cart in our Craft Club to organize all of the different centers. We love all of the different bins to hold all of our materials and tools!

-Victoria Cross Public School Craft Club, Mount Forest, ON