Large Open Tubs

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Why We Designed This

Available in 10 colors including our new Vibrant color palette that includes Aqua, Magenta, Orange, and Lime and our most environmentally-friendly tub made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Our tubs are made of tough stuff. They can withstand the roughest, toughest play that children can dish out. In fact, these tubs can hold up 10lbs!

With the exception of our new 100% recycled tub, these storage tubs are made from 25% recycled material.

Learn more about our 100% recycled tub here.

Please note: Each black tub includes an imprint so teachers and students know it's different than others in the classroom. Hopefully it sparks some questions and conversations about the importance of recycling!



  • Ideal for library and classroom book storage
  • Location on front of tub to easily place a label
  • Colors available include: CC4068-B (Blue), CC4068-G (Green), CC4068-R (100% recycled tub in red with imprint), CC4068-Y (Yellow), CC4068-ECO-G (sage), CC4068-A (Aqua), CC4068-M (Magenta), CC4068-O (Orange), CC4068-L (Lime), CC4068-RCY (100% recycled tub in black with imprint)
  • Clear tub also available.


  • When recycled materials are available, we use up to 25% recycled content.
  • Have a part that needs replacing? Keep your product in use longer, rather than sending your entire product to the landfill by using our Replacement Parts Program.
  • Finished with this product? Please follow the suggestions on our Product Lifecycle page.


  • The packaging of this product is 100% plastic free.
  • Tubs Measure  6"(15cm) H x 12 1/2" (32cm) W x 15 3/4"(40cm) D (outer measurements)
  • Inside measurements 6"(15cm) H x 10" (25cm) W x 12 1/2" (32cm) D
  • 10lbs weight limit
  • UPC:  
    CC4068-A: 664678003062
    CC4068-B: 664678000191
    CC4068-C: 664678000207
    CC4068-G: 664678000214
    CC4068-L: 664678003086
    CC4068-M: 664678003079
    CC4068-O: 664678003093
    CC4068-R: 664678000221
    CC4068-RCY: 664678003109
    CC4068-Y: 664678000238