Why We Designed This

Teachers have told us they love clear tubs to help students (and themselves) keep everything orderly and visible, particularly Lego®. Our tubs are made of tough stuff. They can withstand the roughest, toughest play that children can dish out. In fact, these tubs can hold up 5lbs!

The tubs have the perfect spot for a label (labels not included) and the cart can hold up to 90lbs.

We have 6 more Large Open Tub colors! Check them out here.

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  • Ideal for library and classroom book storage
  • Location on front of tub to easily place a label
  • Other colors available include: CC4070-B (Blue), CC4070-G (Green), CC4070-R (Red), CC4070-Y (Yellow), CC4070-A (Aqua)



We also strive to make our tubs extremely durable. This means they will last a long time, which prevents plastic waste and carbon emissions. Buying one product with a long lifespan is more environmentally friendly than replacing a product frequently. Materials will only need to be produced once, instead of multiple times, reducing our collective environmental impact.

  • Small Open Tub Measures  6" (15cm) H x 6 1/2" (17cm) Wx 15 3/4" (40cm) D 
  • 5lbs Weight Limit
  • UPC: 
    CC4070-C: 664678000306