Clear Dry-Erase Floor Divider

(DIV-FLR) $238.56 Currency

  • Clear Dry-Erase Floor Divider
  • Clear Dry-Erase Floor Divider
  • Attach to reception desks to provide a barrier
  • This divider can be set up vertically or horizontally

Why We Designed This

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As schools reopen, the use of physical barriers between students can help to prevent the spread of germs, particularly when physical distancing isn’t possible.

This clear, dry-erase panel allows small children to play together, but apart, on the floor while maintaining a safe physical barrier. It can easily be moved anywhere needed in the classroom or daycare. This divider can also be used for reception areas.

This surface-hardened acrylic, ¼” thick panel is very durable and will withstand extended classroom use. It provides an unobtrusive barrier which allows students to make eye contact and socialize, creating a more normal classroom experience with each other and their teacher.

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